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Web page updated: 9/16/2016 4:26 PM.

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As of 2017 I am expecting no more puppies. All my girls have reached their later years and they will NOT be bred again. At some time in the future I may get some more puppies to start over again but for now just enjoy the videos. There is imporntant information contained in this site that will benefit you when you start your search for your special puppy.


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NOTICE, Tuesday 2/23/2016, The evening national news announced that this year and for the past Twenty five (25) years in a row the Labrador Retriever has been named Americas most popular dog......! This is not likely to change as the last time I checked, labs were registered more than TWICE as much as the second place dog. All dogs are pets, Labs are FAMILY !

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Below is all three colors of Lab puppies before their eyes open. Their eyes will open at around 14 days of age. The new oddball colors of Silver, Red, Fox Red, and others are simply variations of the different shades of Yellows and will have to be registered as Yellows as there is no AKC classification for them. Some breeders give names to the various shades of Yellows so they can get more money for them. There are two types of Yellows but they are registered the same. See color section below.

The pictures below are before their eyes have opened. They will open around 14 days old.


The pictures below shows all three of the lab colors. They are around 5-6 weeks old. They have started developing their own personalities by this time and learned that humans mean safety as well as scratching and feeding.

And then they grow up !



This is a large site designed on a computer and can only be effectually viewed using a computer. Using a cell phone will be very difficult if not impossible to grasp the whole picture that needs to be obtained from the photographs, videos, and text that this site is intended to convey although the FORM that is used to sign up for a puppy can successfully be filled out using a phone, tablet, computer or anything that can access the internet.


All pictures from my web page, that do not contain a person, can be right clicked, copied and pasted. They then can be used for a computer background , screen saver , or for any non commercial use that is not detrimental to the Lab breed or to this breeder. The images CAN NOT be used on another Lab or other dog sales page.

Website design:

As you can tell this is not a professional web site, it is mine. It can be and usually is updated within minutes of something happening. I try to make it correct and informative. The puppies are also mine and my responsibility. There will be no comprise in there safety, well being, care, or trying to find them a good home. There will be no exceptions to the Pit Bull restrictions. Click the following link for my Sales Restrictions



Color section:

The following nine pictures shown below are from some of the 2012 litters. The top row center picture is a Black nosed Yellow with two Pink (Dudley) nosed in the background. The two outside pictures are of Pink (Dudley) nosed Yellows. The different foot pad color, nose color, eyelid color, and lip color on the two types of Yellows is evident in the top row pictures. Click Blondie's first litter of 5-2-2012 to see pictures 664 and 663 and their descriptions, almost 1/2 way down the page to see additional samples of eye color, eyelid color, nose color, lip color, foot pad colors and, claw color on the new born Yellows before their eyes open. Blacks are all black except their Red tongue and their Brown eyes and they all look the same. The Chocolates will have a slight color change between their Winter and Summer hair. There can also be a very slight color variation between two Chocolates. Chocolates have Chocolate toe nails and Chocolate skin. All newborn puppies have Blue eyes that will later change to their respective colors. See left picture in top row below.


Below are cropped and trimmed pictures of a Blond who still has some remnants of its blue eyes. The eyes are the last color change that will happen in all three colors of the puppies. If you ever wanted to see a good poker face , the center and right picture is it.

.......Lets see what I have ............................Ok I am ready.................. Hey I can't wait all day- its your move.
Click the Adult dog names below to see more and larger pictures of them and some of there Pedigree . All my adult dogs are AKC registered.
Blondie , .
Miss Vader AKC .
CoCo 6/26/2007 to 6/5/2017, .
Taka , 10/10/04 - 12/13/15
"Dufas"..................................." Miss Vader" .....<<..sisters..>>........." Blondie"


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