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Blondie's first litter of puppies born early Wednesday morning 5-2-12 . She had started in labor and had milk flowing 5P on Tuesday the 1st . Heard puppies when I opened the bedroom window at 6:45A on the 2nd . She had 12 , 1 Black Male was still born , 2 Chocolate Females , and 9 Blonds of which 7 are Female and 2 are Male . Will have to wait until around day 8 to see how many Black nosed Blonds and how many Dudley nosed Blonds . Later she lost one Blond Male and one Blonde Female .
522-375 5-1-12 Tue .. Blondie with belly full of 12 puppies on day before delivery .
547-375 5-1-12 Tue .. Blondie wanting her belly scratched the day before delivery . For the last week before delivery she would sit outside the kitchen sliding glass door and just watch me with the "LAB STARE" for hours on end .
597-375 5-2-12 Wed Day 1 .. 11 surviving puppies , five Blonds nursing , four Blonds and two Chocolates in a puppy pile . All the blonds have pink noses and the rest of dudley nose attributes. If the blonds are to have Black noses they will not start changing until around day 5-8 ..
600-375 5-2-12 Wed Day 1 .. Separated Fat / Full puppies from thin ones with empty belles . The one Blonde Runt is not nursing very well yet . Several times I had to help her find and latch onto a nipple , even when she was nursing by herself . Mama is still tired from the delivery.
609-375 5-2-12 Wed Day 1 .. Chocolate and Blonde close up .
612-375 5-2-12 Wed Day 1 .. Supper time , Table set for 11 .
See if you can spot all 11 , They are all clearly visible .
5-3-12 Thur 6:30A Day 2 .. Still have 11 healthy and hungry puppies , 9 Female and 2 Male .
625-375 5-4-12 FRI Day 3 .. The smallest puppy , the Runt , getting breakfast . The runt was so weak by day 2 by not getting any milk I had to hold it on the nipple for the first 3 feedings until she built enough strength to stay on the nipple . In this picture I had put all the bigger ones in a tub where they are now sleeping . I will dump them out before leaving . Yesterday late on day 2 mama finally left the puppies long enough for a can of dog food and a drink and potty break . She left for a second time this morning around 8A .
639-375 5-8-12 TUE Day 7 .. Black noses and black paws are now starting to show on the Black nosed Blonds on day 7 . All puppies now nursing good and gaining weight although one seems to be on wrong end !
5-8-2012 TUE Day 7 .. 1:00P , Sad day today , Lost one Black nose Blonde Female .
5-9-12 WED Day 8 1:00P .. Another sad day , Lost one Black nose Blond Male today which leaves 9 . I did not lose anymore .
642-375 5-9-12 WED Day 8 10:00P .. Emergency move from under the shelter in there cage , to back porch as holes puppies were in started to fill with water during a heavy rain . I was already in bed and got there just in time as some of the puppies were having to hold there heads up out of the water . Mama , Puppies , me all wet and muddy .
647-375 5-9-12 WED Day 8 10:00P .. Puppies on porch till I decide where to put them after there cage flooded at 9:30P . Puppies ended up staying in house all night while mama stayed in her old cage with her sister , Miss Vader .
650-375 5-10-12 Thur Day 9 .. Chocolate Female close up ..Been swapping puppies 3 at a time with Mama on back porch all day .

657-375 5-10-12 Thur Day 9 .. Chocolate Female chilling. The Black paw pad is clearly visible on the Blonde Black nosed puppy as are the Chocolate paw pads on the Chocolate Puppy ..

664-375 5-10-12 Thur Day 9 .. There are 2 types of Blond ( Yellow ) Labs and 2 different spellings for the sexes . The Male spelling is Blond , the Female spelling is Blonde. Pink nosed ( Dudley nose ) , shown above is what Mama is , Black nose in next picture is what Daddy is . Blond Pink Nose will have Yellow eyes and Pink nose , Pink around edges of eyelids , Pink lips , and Pink pads on feet and white or light tan colored claws. Click Blondie and Diesel on home page for the parents pictures . First eye half open on day 12 . The short blunt nose on a puppy is to make nursing easier .
663-375 5-10-12 Thur Day 9 .. Above is a Black nose Blonde Female . The Black nose Blonds will have Brown eyes , Black around eyes like mascaras , Black lips , and Black feet pads but white or light tan colored claws. Blonds , or Yellow as they are sometimes called , can range from White to Blond to dirty Blond and have one of two color noses , Pink ( Dudley ) nose or Black nose . Some people are starting to call this dark Blond, shown above, a RED but this is a very new reference to off shade dark Blond color and they will have to be registered as Yellow. There are no color variations for Blacks- everything is Black except the eyes will be Brown . In Chocolates, everything is Chocolate except the eyes can vary from Yellow To Brown. AKC only lists Black , Yellow , or Chocolate as the color to register your puppy .
Puppy weight on 5-10-12 Thursday Day 8 ranges from 1.30 pounds to 2.05 pounds .

709-375 5-11 12 FRI Day 10 .. Puppies in kitchen separated in 3 groups for feeding purposes . Each pan full has about 30 minutes with mama every 1-1/2 to 2 hours .

711-375 5-11-12 FRI Day 10 .. Puppies in pan - Just add LOVE !
5-15-2012 TUE Day 14 .. Puppy weight ranges from the runt at 1.74 # to 2.99 # .
5-18-2012 FRI Day 17 .. Puppy weight varies from 2.22 # to 3.37 # .
750-375 5/23/2012 WED Day 22 8:15A .. Chocolate puppy asleep in dog food bowl after sampling empty dog food can . At this age they fall asleep anywhere .
745-375 5/23/2012 WED Day 22 8:16A .. Two Blonde puppies and one Chocolate puppy eating out of Mamas food bowl .
753-375 5/23/2012 WED Day 22 8:45A .. Two Blonde puppies asleep in mamas dog food feeding bowl , they do not quite fit . . Mama gets one can of dog food covered with dry dog food twice a day and as always can eat from a dog feeder anytime .
887-375 5/23/2012 WED .. At 4 Weeks old , the Runt weighs 3.94 pounds . The larger puppies will probably weigh over 10 pounds at 6 weeks as did Taka's and CoCo's litter .
5-24-2012 Thur 8A Day 23 .. Puppies starting to play more with each other and come towards me when I get near so I have to start being more carefully where I step . They are eating Mamas left over food now . The largest two weigh 4.76 # and 4.78 # , the two Chocolates weigh 4.12 # and 4.38 # and the cute little runt weighs 2.93 # and as usual is the cutest and most friendly .
816-test-375 30MAY12 .. The buddy system of nursing.
817-375 30MAY12 .. Puppies first time running loose on the warm pavement after 1" rain last 24 hours .
856-375 30MAY12 .. I have been taking several of the puppies to the Harrisburg Farmers Market on Mondays 4P-7P at Robinson Church Road and Railroad Ave . They enjoy the kids and the kids love them .
868-375 30MAY12 .. Puppies first puppy food meal with out milk , I had milk in the orange glass but puppies turned it over before I could put on food . There is just enough milk to make the puppy food smell like milk .
870-375 30MAY12 .. The runt coming over for some rubbing . The smaller puppies are usually the first to start coming up to me when I walk up in order to seek refuge from the bigger puppies. They quickly realize a human is protection as well as petting.
871-375 30MAY12 .. All the puppies are now enjoying human attention and are curious as to what I am doing .
At 4 weeks old the Runt weighs 3.94# , the 2 Chocolates 5.09 and 5.98# and the largest weighs 6.04 Pounds . All seem to have started drinking water today . 6-1-12 Fri , 2 puppies managed to stick there head thru the chain link wire cage , one came out when I pulled it but the bigger one I had to get my wife to help getting it out .
973-375 6-5-2012 .. Puppies stealing food from Turbo's feeder - He waited patiently for them to finish and one time even had his head in with them , Turbo is a very good dog .
1122-375 6-5-2012 .. Chocolate Female in grass .
1123-375-v-lf , 6-5-2012 .. Pink nosed Blonde Female in grass , still has green eyes that will later change to Yellow .
1124-375 6-5-2012 .. Chocolate checking me out .
Puppy weight at 5 weeks : 5.77 Female Blonde Runt , 6.65 Chocolate Female , 7.72 other Chocolate Female , 7.78 largest Blonde Female , 7.80 Only Male which is a Pink nose Blond .
1128-375 6-5-2012 WED 10:30A , 58 Deg , Wind SE at 10 , 90% RH .. This morning completed Second move to porch after 1-1/2" rain wet there enclosure and the puppies . Now everybody getting warm in a puppy pile surrounded by towels . Runt is at top .
1203-375 07JUN2012 THUR .. Tug of war on the right and wrestling match on the left . Turbo on left in background .
Puppy weight at the 6 week sale date is averaging over 10 pounds with the largest at 10.68 pounds .
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