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Updated 12/5/2012 Wed for Weight, Blondie weighs 84.6 pounds..
Blondie as puppy. Born Aug-'07. Lexi behind. Sister is Miss Vader.
Blondie in truck........................Blondie wanting attention.
9361-375 14DEC2011 Wed .. Miss Vader, Coco, Blondie.
9363-375 14Dec2011 Wed .. Blondie , stands 22" at sholders and weighs 85 pounds.
9364-375 14Dec11 Wed .. Blondie retrieving.
9356-375 14Dec11 .. Blondie retrieving.
9383-375 12-15-2011 Thur
314-375 06APR12 FRI .
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769-375 27MAY2012 SUN .. Blondie in the 3RD week of nursing her first litter of puppys . I prop Blondie between my legs and start scratching her chest .
775-375 27MAY2012 SUN .. Within 3-4 seconds she is starting to get sleepy .
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779-375 27MAY2012 SUN .. In 7-8 seconds she is so sleepy I have to hold her head up . 790-375 27MAY2012 SUN .. In around 10-12 seconds she is completely passed out with her head laying against her side like an Emperor Penguin sleeps - Will not respond to anything , Have to shake her to keep her from falling over when I leave .
7686-375 , 12/6/2012 Thur 9:30P Day 16 .. Well,,,, I was working on a computer out of view to the left of the picture and looking to the left and had a feeling I was being watched. 7686-375-T , 12/6/2012 Thur Day 16 .. Then I looked to the right and guess what, Blondie standing on the narrow front porch picture window ledge watching me. This was the first time I had ever seen her do this.
7687-375, 12/7/2012 Fri, 9:35A Day 17 .. Sooo, Guess what, again the next morning. 7688-375-T, 12/7/2012 Fri Day 17 .. Looks like one of my most loving dog who likes to stare at me for hours with the " LAB STARE " through the kitchen sliding glass doors has learned a new trick !!!
709-375-T,9/24/2013, Tuesday.Blondie flat out chasing the 4 wheeler down the runway at 24 MPH.I have clocked her at 27 MPH down hill.She is the only dog I have that will put out 100% all the way down and back. 710-375-T,9/24/2013 ,Tuesday. Blondie flat out.I usually run her down the runway and back covering about 2200 feet round trip but since she is 3 weeks pregnant we only go about 1200 feet round trip.
Video clip of eight year old Blondie Blondie video.
Miss Vader , Lexi , Blondie , Dufas
AKC registered " Blondie Girl Sue " .
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