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Puppy Deposit , Puppy Registration Papers, Puppy Pickup Information:

My call to request a deposit on a puppy :

When the puppies are around one week of puppy age, I will show on my litter update web page the date and time I will start calling for the deposit. The call I make asking for the deposit on the puppy you requested will be made around two weeks of puppy age. The calls asking for the deposit will be made in the order that I received your FORM. Your three digit number is shown on my email acknowledgement to you that I received your FORM. It is located at the end, following my name. I will usually only go back as far as the previous litter group that was sold to call the people on the list. If you are on the list before the previous litter group was sold, you need to contact me on each litter soon after each litter is born to let me know you are still looking for a puppy.



A standard deposit will be in the form of a personal check of $50 with your Name, City, and Telephone Number on it and is the only form of deposit accepted, NO cash, NO Money Orders, NO Bank Drafts, no IOU's. If you do not have a checking account we may work something else out for the deposit. The check should have your 3 digit assigned number on it. If the check is to be mailed, the deposit check must be mailed within three business days of the call asking for the deposit. If you will hand deliver it, we will agree on a time and date. Please call if there is a problem with the three day mailing window. My home address and GPS coordinates are shown near the bottom of this page The deposit check information will also act as an additional backup to my hand written puppy list information and to my Excel spread sheet. The deposit check will not be cashed unless you default on the purchase. It will be placed in a separate envelope used for each individual mother. I do not take any deposits that I have not asked for in a deposit by means of a phone call. For unplanned situations, the deposit check may be refunded by me to you for reasons determined to be valid by me, I realize life changes. There is usually someone else waiting for the puppy. DO NOT send in any deposit until you have been asked for a deposit by phone, by me, on an individual puppy that is available and that meets your requirements. See puppy pickup below for the final disposition of the deposit check.


The deposit for Christmas puppies will only be accepted in cash and the amount will be agreed on prior to making the deposit ! The deposit will generally be one half the sale price.


You can change the requirements for the puppy you want anytime up until a deposit is sent in on a particular puppy that was offered to you. If you put on the FORM that you wanted a Black Female and there were no Black Females in the litter then you can call me to change your requirements to what might be available in the new litter including any color of either sex.



When the puppy is picked up:

1) The un cashed deposit check will be marked VOID,

2) The bank bar coding and bank information will be removed from the check and the bar coding and bank information will be returned to you.

3) I will keep the voided check with your contact information as a backup for my records as part of the required record keeping by the AKC.

4) The payment for the puppy will be made in full and in cash in $100 bills, NO other form of payment or type of money will be accepted due to the difficulty in counting the new style money and to avoid any bank trips or problems. If I forget to VOID your deposit check and return the bank information to you please remind me. The deposit check can not be used as part of the payment as it will be VOIDED when you pick your puppy up.


1) At pickup the puppies will still have their dew claws and will have no shots. They will usually be chemical free unless they have been wormed.

2) They will be wormed only if worms are observed.

3) You must sign a statement that you do not now, nor have ever owned a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix, and if you can not sign the statement or you will not sign the statement then I will not allow the sale of the puppy to you and the $50 deposit will be forfeited. If you made a Christmas cash deposit then one half of the deposit will be forfeited and the other half will be returned to you.

4) The only person that can pick up a puppy is the person whose name is on the FORM and the deposit check unless other arrangements have previously been agreed on by me.


You will receive the registration papers for your puppy when you pick the puppy up. The person whose name is on the form and that signed the deposit check must present a valid drivers license and that is the name that will go on the registration paper. The exceptions would be to put the registration in your child's name who is to be with you at pickup, or I have previously agree to other things.


Unless previously agreed on, puppies must be picked up on the announced sale date(s) and times. This will keep everyone in the order I received their FORM to get the puppy they want. The pickup date and time will be determined by your place on the list made from the time I received your FORM. If the puppy is one of a kind and can be easily identified then the order of pickup is not that important and may possibly be changed.

There will be a weighing scale available if you want your puppy weighed for the 6 weeks weight.

The above requirements are my NORMAL requirements. If they can not be met, then please call and other arrangements can possibly be agreed on before you get on the puppy list or before a puppy pickup time is assigned!


HOME ADDRESS and GPS coordinates:

Harrisburg, NC 28075

To be discussed during our phone call.

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Web page updated: 6/3/2015.