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Dufas got his name from my wife who always called him a Dufas when he got into things as a puppy so to my wife's dismay I named him Dufas and he turned out to be one of the most recognized and loved dogs in Harrisburg. Little children that only weighed a fifth of what he weighed would go up to him and hug his neck.

5761 .. 140 # 7 year old stud male, Dufas . July , 2002 - August 20 , 2012 .
5767 Dufas with Lexi's last litter of puppies. He did not like them getting under him but the puppies loved him to death. Lexi in background .
7667 Dufas is the biggest dog I have ever owned . In his prime he weighed 140 pounds and was all mussel .
Love struck Dufas 43
Dufas ON GUARD 1651
Dufas ON BREAK 1650
1654 Dufas , See the hump on the top of his neck . You could not move his head his neck was so strong .
3210 Dufas . He was a massive dog . All my girl dogs liked him.
6801 Dufas . I tripped on Dufas going out the carport steps and fell across his back and he took 2 steps carrying all my 205# weight until I fell off him .
6805 Dufas , The most gentle dog I ever had around children, adults or female dogs but would not tolerate another male dog . See the width of his stance .
521-375 .. On the ready .
5308-375 .. Dufas in his favorite place , The bed of a 1972 Chevy truck .
5309-750 .. You tried to convince him to do something - You do not make him do something , 140 pounds of mussel .
AKC registered " D Bodaceous Jake ", Miss Vader < sisters > Blondie .
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