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Page modified , 12/07/2014 to close updates for this round of litters. All Videos of the Fall 2014 puppies are shown on this page below the daily updates.



This page, link #3, from my home page, is where I announce: 1) Which girls are starting into their three week heat cycle. 2) When they are bred, which is the middle week. 3) When their tummy start showing a baby bump, usually around week five. 4) When the puppies are born and usually includes a video of the birth or shortly thereafter, The normal gestation period is 61-63 days. 5) When deposits have been requested by me and promised to me, usually between 2-3 weeks of age. 6) When deposits have been received. 7) When the puppies have been placed in their new home at 6 weeks of age.


UP TO THE MINUTE PUPPY LITTER UPDATES, First puppy 4:54 PM 9/22/2014, see below!

NOTE: 7/1/14, Sunday : Not much happening on the farm now. Baxter seems to be getting more interested in Miss Vader the last several days so things may be starting again. She is not ready and growled at him and snapped at him this morning for pestering her but Baxter will react first to any changes in the girls and will not give up even though he will get bitten many times until they are ready. It is 3-1/2 months from breeding to selling.

NOTE: 7/14/14, Monday : Baxter seems to be getting more interested in Blondie also. If the past is any indication CoCo and Taka will only be a short time behind.

NOTE: 7/19/14, Saturday : CoCo is starting to show signs of getting ready for breeding, that leaves only Taka.

NOTE: 7/20/14, Sunday: Miss Vader is almost ready. Taka is still not showing any signs I have noticed but she can still clear a four foot high fence section in Baxter's cage and will jump in with him and help herself if I miss her signs and wait too late to put her in.

NOTE: 7/24/2014, Thursday : All my girls are ready except Taka.

NOTE: 7/25/2014, Friday : Miss Vader has been bred. Will put Blondie in with Baxter tonight. When all my dogs but Taka were let out around 9:00 PM, Miss Vader and Baxter disappeared on the other side of the hangar and when I looked back both Blondie and CoCo had gone in Baxter's cage and were turned facing the door waiting for him to return so I have three of my four girls waiting for Baxter. Thank goodness Taka is not showing any signs yet. Breeding time can get very hectic.

NOTE: 7/27/2014, Sunday : Baxter bred Blondie for their first confirmed mating 7:45 AM. Started raining fairly heavy shortly after. I was very glad the rain held off because it can interrupt a breeding period. CoCo will be put in Baxter's cage tonight. Assuming the breeding is successful, then following is the time line on the Puppies. Miss Vader should deliver around September 27th, 2014 and then 6 weeks later, on November 8th, her puppies should be ready for their new homes. Blondie's puppies should be two days behind Miss Vader's puppies. CoCo's puppies hopefully will be one or two days after Blondie's puppies. All of this is assuming my new stud Baxter pre forms as expected. I am leaving Friday 08/01/2014 for South Dakota for the Sturgis Harley Rally so it may be around two weeks before the form is available.

NOTE: 7/28/2014 Monday : Miss Vader is thru with Baxter. She only half way participated yesterday and today pays him no attention. It does not matter, Baxter has switched his attention to Blondie. I decided to put Blondie in Baxter's cage one more night instead of CoCo. CoCo this morning after the morning walk went in Baxter's empty cage and would not come out to kennel up, Blondie and Baxter were out of sight in the front yard. I finally tricked her to come out and then put her in her pen. Last night will be Blondie's last night with Baxter and then it will be CoCo's turn.

NOTE: 7/29/2014 Tuesday : Baxter mostly interested in Blondie for the last several days but CoCo will be in his cage tonight. CoCo has been ready for several days. Miss Vader has reverted back to her standard duty of protecting her sister Blondie and will not let Baxter near her. If I put Baxter and Blondie back together now I will first have to lock Miss Vader up.

NOTE: 7/30/2014 Wednesday : Baxter has been by himself all day resting and planning his next move. I will put CoCo in with him tonight.

NOTE: 8/1/14, Friday, 1:25 PM : I will be out of town until August 10th and will be unable to respond to any emails. Any emails received will be kept in order so the written list will be accurate. I can still be reached by cell. I did not see Baxter breed CoCo so she may miss this cycle.

NOTE: 08/12/2014 Tuesday, 10:20 AM : Nothing much happing and do not expect much until around week 5 when they start showing their baby bump. CoCo as usual has gotten a large belly but not from the puppies, she generally swells up very early and her tummy will not go back down until several weeks after the babies come.

NOTE : 08/29/2014 Friday. The girls are not showing yet. This weekend is the earliest I expected to see any baby bump. It is just a waiting game now.

NOTE : 09/02/2014, Tuesday, 12:35 PM. Had decided not to guess at puppy bump in any of the girls this time at the 5 week date since my track record at the 5 week date is not very good but it does look like CoCo, Miss Vader , and Blondie are starting to show some. I have not congratulated Baxter yet, will wait till I am sure.

NOTE : 09/06/2014, Saturday, 6:09 PM. CoCo is still iffy on whether she is making any pretty Lab puppies. Miss Vader definitely looks like she is and Blondie looks like she swallowed a whole pumpkin. I hope CoCo still does something although she is usually early showing so the Chocolate puppy count may not be what I was hoping for.

NOTE : 09/12/2014 Friday, 11:30 AM. Miss Vader is definitely pregnant- she does not have the tummy Blondie has but is very obviously getting ready to nurse some puppies in 2 weeks. CoCo seems to be upset that they are going to have puppies and she is not or at least not showing any signs. She keeps wanting to go in Baxter's cage and when told to kennel up she goes to his door and turns around and waits for me to open the door. For about a week she has been acting like she is getting ready to breed but I think it is a false alarm because Baxter shows no interest in her and he will be the first to know. She will normally not be ready again until the first of the year.

NOTE : 09/17/2012 Tuesday, 8:00 PM. Miss Vader is starting to get a tummy so she may have more than I was expecting. Blondie has slowed down a lot while chasing the ball and I have to cheat and throw it near her or when the other dogs are not looking for her to get it. If I just throw it then Baxter will get it 10 out of 10 times due to his top speed and quickness. He is also the only one of my dogs that will look up in the air to actually see where the ball is going. The girls just run the direction I face to throw the ball. About half the time, the girls will end up with it anyway as he easily gets distracted from the game of retrieving the ball when there are three girls around.

NOTE : 09/21/2014 Sunday, 9:15 PM. As the appointed time gets near I will start daily updates on the situation, maybe as early as Thursday.

NOTE : 09/22/2014 Monday, 4:54 PM. First puppy from Miss Vader- Black but not checked sex yet. Very busy. Will expand later tonight. 7:48P, still only one puppy. Strange things have happened all day. Both these girls worship Taka but when Taka started up the stairs beside their cage this morning Miss Vader barked, growled, and charged at her. I had never witnessed this before. Blondie has always been the one to sleep in the four foot square and one foot high birthing box located within their cage and Miss Vader always slept outside. Around Noon I noticed Miss Vader in the birthing box and Blondie outside. At 4:54 PM my wife heard the first puppy. I had not prepared the den yet so we had to clear out a place, put rubber backed mats down, place towels over the mats and install the cage. I went out, got the puppy, Miss Vader followed me into the den and into the cage. 8:30 PM, the Black is already nursing. I was glad I was so busy because watching a blind puppy try to find a nipple and start suckling can be extremely nerve racking. 8:34 PM, Second puppy, a Yellow Male. The first puppy that was born at 4:54 is a Female. It may turn into a long night. I injured both wrists severally on 9/14/2014 splitting wood with a maul that has a yellow fiberglass handle. Stick with the wood handle as they do not transmit as much vibration into your wrists. Both my typing and picture taking will be adversely affected due to the wrist braces. Looks like Baxter has earned his keep this time with a 667 lifetime batting average. Miss Vader's due date of Friday was derived from the first confirmed mating- the puppies are about 4 days ahead of that date so Baxter was on the job before I gave him credit for anything. Remember,,,,, Due to there being no obligation on your part to get on the list that means I do not know who still want a puppy so therefore I will not know who gets a puppy until I start down my list. Please be patient and wait for my call in about 2 weeks. The date I will start calling will be posted on this update page, probably near the top and also down in the body on the day I announce the call date(s). I will also probably post the call date at the top of my home page. 9:05 PM, Third and last puppy, a Black Male.

NOTE : 09/23/2014 Tuesday, 08:38 AM. Well the delivery is complete with Miss Vader. She has one Black Female, One Blond Male, and one Black Male. She had none that were still born and all three survived the first night and are nursing well. They seem to be very strong and can move round pretty quick. She surprised me with the puppies coming so early. I had planned to give her and Blondie a flea bath today or tomorrow before I brought then in the house to have their puppies but did both this morning. Blondie is so full of puppies she spends most of the time sitting as it must be uncomfortable laying down. I may go ahead and bring her into the house today. With my bad wrists I will have to wait till my son gets off from work to go to the barn for the extra cage. Blondie will be in the kitchen. I have pictures and video in the camera and hope to upload then later today. As of 8 PM Blondie has been brought into the kitchen and put in a collapsible eight sided pen. If I can not get the intercom to work I may let her sleep in our bed room so we can know when her puppies start coming. Hope she has them in the daytime, not getting much sleep lately.

NOTE : 09/24/2014 Wednesday, 09:09 AM. Second bath for Blondie and Miss Vader in the rain at 7:15 AM. Miss Vader's three all doing good. Puppy weights on DAY 3, about 40 hours old, First born BF 0.96 # Pounds, Second born YM 0.85#, Third and last born BM 1.21#. I will try to post pictures and videos later today.

NOTE : 09/25/2014 Thursday, 8:24 AM. Blondie seems to be going into labor. She seems very uncomfortable and has already been let out three times by 9:06 AM this morning. There will be a pretty constant watch on her due to the number of puppies I think she will have. I may have to separate them into 2 or 3 piles for her to safely nurse like I did for her first litter. Miss Vader has no Yellow Females so I could put any Yellow Females with her to nurse without any chance of getting the puppies mixed up. This type of arrangement worked great with last years Fall litter between Taka and Miss Vader but the May litters did not. CoCo and Taka have a standing disagreement as to who is the top girl and CoCo would not have anything to do with Taka's puppy. I kept Taka's puppy in my hand during this but CoCo actually growled at it so that experiment was over with. Miss Vader's three are doing great.

NOTE : 09/25/2014 Thursday,,, ALL PUPPIES FROM BLONDIE WILL BE BLOND !!! ( First puppy from Blondie 9:44 AM, )... ( 10:41, Second puppy ) ... ( 11:15 AM had a brief chance to check sex, First puppy-Male ), ( Second puppy Female, ( 12:23 PM- 3rd puppy Female ), ( 12:36- 4th puppy Female ). ( As of 3:56 PM Blondie is up to 6, have not checked the sex yet ) . ( 2:40 PM had a delivery of 2000 pounds of dog food come in and it is stacked on the back porch 3 feet off the floor to keep critters out of it, very busy day. ) ( As of 5:30 PM Blondie has 8 Puppies, do not know sex yet. ( 7:00 PM, Total of 10 puppies from Blondie, Think she may be thru. Do not know sex yet and right now not worrying about it as they can not be changed. Both wrists hurting from handling the dog food, opening and closing the cage, moving puppies to a safe place. Also not sleeping good due to the wrists and worrying about puppies, got up 4 times last night for a puppy check. Kitchen is now full of puppy noises, somebody seems to always be unhappy about something. This will be last update today. )

NOTE : 09/26/2014 Friday , All Blondie's puppies survived their first night ok. They were separated during the night into two groups of 5 with 5 nursing and 5 in a pan. Every 30 minutes they are swapped out so the others can nurse. I stayed up till midnight while my wife slept and then she took over till 7 AM. Blondie takes the puppy swapping arrangement very well and it is much much safer for the puppies and therefore lots less worry on us.

NOTE : 09/27/2014 Saturday , 10:45 AM, All 13 puppies still ok. Friday night I watched them till Midnight, swapping out five at the time every 50 minutes between MaMa and the pan and then my wife took over till 7:30 AM Saturday. As the puppies get older they will be swapped out less often as MaMa is making more milk and the puppy's tummy's can hold more milk. 2:00 PM- Puppies are not being swapped out on a fixed time now. As MaMa starts producing more milk and the puppies belly stretch out they can hold more milk and after getting full will sleep over 1-1/2 hours. They are swapped out now when they wake up and start making noises and this takes a lot of pressure off my wife and myself.

NOTE : 09/28/2014 Sunday, All 13 puppies still doing good. I may take Miss Vader and her 3 to the Farmers market tomorrow for the kids to look at. They will be a week old but they are still too small to be handled.

NOTE : 09/29/2014 Monday, Changed my mind and took Blondie and her 10 to the farmers market and had them in a cage on the front porch of the restored historic store from 2:30 PM till 6:00 PM. Even though Miss Vader's puppies are 7 days old I am not sure I trust Miss Vader yet if someone should reach into the cage. Even Blondie growled at her sister the following day, Tuesday, for stopping and looking as she passed Blondie's cage so no dog is safe around even my mildest mother yet. I did not let the kids handle Blondie's puppies as they are only 4 days old but everything worked out fine. The crowds were down due to the rain. I did let one very nice lady hold one for about 30 minutes and I held a puppy for two very small boys to rub with one finger, they seemed to be tickled with even that. Miss Vader's one week puppy weights are: BM-2.24, BF-1.88, YM-1.66, the weight order from heaviest to lightest is still the same as their first weighing. Average is 1.93 pounds.


All 13 puppies still doing great as of 8:30 pm today. I have two videos in my camera but will probably wait till tomorrow to post them due to my working several hours splitting wood- my wrists are hurting some- I did use a hydraulic wood splitter this time instead of by hand, and I am busy working on the deposit list!

NOTE : 10/2/2014 Tuesday, 9:20 AM : I have received two conformations as of 10/01/14 9:20 AM. My reply will be brief due to sore right wrist. Left seems to be ok now and think too much mouse use is slowing progress on my right wrist so all replies will be brief- sorry.

NOTE : 10/3/2014 Thursday, 11:15 AM, Three new videos posted. All 13 doing good with no issues. Separated Blondie's 10 Yellows into 5 darker colored and 5 lighter colored so if I have an escapee from the pan I will know which feeding pile it came from and it will not miss a meal. They can almost crawl out now so I may shortly need larger pans. I hope to weigh Blondie's today.

NOTE : 10/3/2014 Friday 9:25 AM, Blondie's 1 week puppy weights in pounds: 5 Light colored: 1.80F, 1.17M, 2.00M, 1.57F, 1.77MF; 5 Darker colored: 1.46F, 1.87F, 1.38M, 1.67M, 1.81M. All puppies doing good. Average is 1.65 pounds which is slightly below Miss Vader's average of 1.93 pounds but she is only feeding three. Puppies are in clothes baskets now to have more room and higher sides as they can almost crawl out of the smaller pan. I will start calling for deposits around 8-9AM tomorrow, If you got on the list for a puppy before May 2014 then call or email if you still want a puppy.

NOTE : 10/4/2014 Saturday 8:00 PM, Started calling for the deposits around 8:00 AM. I had to suspend going down my deposit list around 8:00 PM due to a virus in the computer which resulted in many phone calls asking if they were not going to get a puppy. I have 4 Yellow Males available with no deposit so far. If on the list and / or if interested contact me by phone as I may not have email access for a while. All Yellow Females have deposits and all Blacks have a deposit. There are no Chocolates in these two litters.

NOTE : 10/5/2014 Sunday 5:46 PM. Well once again things are back to normal around here if you can call what goes on around here normal. I got rid of the Groovorio virus in my big computer by following the instructions on Google. Google is a blessing to anyone who uses a computer. After seeing my beautiful Blond puppies and their mother, three separate people placed deposit(s) on two puppies each so 6 of the 13 went very fast. I also found out on the following day that a forth wanted two. I had 3 people on my list wanting 2 and one wanting three but I could not get in contact with any of them. I just discovered that you can subscribe to me on some of the social media accounts and you will be notified when I post a new video, Neat. Gave all 13 puppies and 2 MaMas a bath today - fun.

NOTE : 10/6/2014 Monday 09:42 AM. I will have Blondie and her 10 at the Harrisburg Farmers Market for the second time for the kids to look at - I will not let them be handled yet. Miss Vader's puppies two week weights, 9:00 AM , BF 3.39, YM 3.21, BM 3.54 - They are still staying in their original order as to their weights. Found out today there was a forth couple that wanted two but I only had one left. Miss Vader's 3 may start opening their eyes today. As of 6:50 PM on all the puppies from the Fall litters, I have deposits in hand on 12 and the 13th is supposed to be in the mail. Oh what a relief it is- deposit taking time can get hectic, depressing when someone misses out on a puppy, but fun when you hear the joy of getting a puppy over the phone- some people actually start crying they are so happy. Now I will have more time to take some more videos.

NOTE : 10/7/2014 Tuesday 08:25 AM. Miss Vader's Blond Male still does not have his eyes open. Miss Vader's Black Female has her Left eye open and Miss Vader's Black Male has both eyes open a little- a very pretty Blue. Last night I changed tactics on Blondie's puppies so my wife and I could get more sleep- I only put the runt in with Blondie and this seemed to satisfy her mother instinct. She gets very concerned when there are no puppies with her but the single puppy satisfies her and there is very little risk of her laying on a single puppy. I will follow this procedure until she will accept being separated from her puppies at night, maybe around 3-4 weeks old. After they start using their eyes, about week 2-1/2 to 3, I will start putting them outside in a one foot high cage during the day time and this will let the MaMa come and go as she needs to.

NOTE : 10/9/2014 Thursday 09:47 AM. Oops, Very busy and forgot to post anything yesterday. All Miss Vader's three have their eyes open, it may be about a week before there brain can interpret what they are seeing. Most of the comments are about Blondie's as they are requiring about 95% of the attention. Miss Vader is a good mother and since she only has three she is doing almost all the work. We are still mostly putting 5 and 5 with Blondie all though I did put 10 for a while yesterday. I took 5 back out when I saw her sitting up because there was no clear place for her to lay down. She is a fairly big girl but after handling puppies so much she looks huge and takes up about one quarter of the cage when she lays down. At night we only put the runt with her and that satisfies her mother instinct and she is happy. As of now I have seen some from both litters lift their bellies off the floor and walk, another milestone conquered. There is worry and joy in raising puppies. It has been mostly worry up to now but from now on the joy will prevail. The puppies will not start playing with me until around week four. I may go to the barn and get a puppy cage today so I can take Miss Vader's outside for some sunshine. Blondie's light colored weights: Male 1.82, 2.57, 2.86; Female 2.46, 2.60. Darker color weights; Males 2.38, 2.42, 2.77; Females 2.40, 2.95 . The heaviest is a dark colored Female and the lightest is a light colored Male. The average Male weight is 2.47 and the average Female weight is 2.60, all normal ranges. Blondie's average 2 week weight for all puppies is 2.52 and Miss Vader average puppy weight at 2 weeks is 3.38. 9;24 PM, last update for today. My beautiful Blondie is getting worn down. I let her out around 5 for a break where she usually takes from 5 - 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I checked and she was sitting at the sliding glass door- I opened it and she still sat there looking at me then the opening. This was the first time she hesitated in coming back in- I shut the door and rearranged the puppies for the next feeding shift and when I looked back out she was laid out on the porch sound asleep. She slept for over an hour and as far as I know this was the first time she had slept while separated from her puppies. When she was let back in she went to both puppy pans, checked them out and then into her cage. Everybody is getting worn down trying to prevent any loss of puppies. I think the worst is over with as I have never lost a puppy over 2 weeks old.

NOTE : 10/10/2014 Friday 11:24 AM. Registered both litters this morning with AKC. Hope to bring several puppy cages from barn today so puppies can get some sunshine. 1 PM, Did get two cages and all puppies stayed outside for about 2 hours. It was not hot but they still need shade from the direct sun.

NOTE : 10/11/2014 Saturday 10:13 AM, All ok with the puppies. I have not received the deposit check that was supposed to be mailed in on the last Yellow Female and the three phone calls to check up on it was not answered this morning- It may be a work number so I will call Monday morning- stay tuned.

The following is copied from the May litter this year. I think it is very appropriate and may be included in future litter updates. Sitting in the kitchen with my back close to the puppy cage it seemed one puppy was very unhappy. I finally looked around and a Black was standing on its back legs with its front legs on the cage just behind me and I realized it wanted picked up. This is a normal development phase but the first time a puppy does it in each litter it is very special. This act is the beginning of a lifetime of faithfully service, not only to be fed, scratched, and played with, but to risk its life to protect its human family. I picked it up, rubbed its ears and scratched its chest and the base of the tail and it seemed satisfied. I put it back down in the cage and it quietly started snuggling up to the others and went to sleep. It is the dog that most contributed to the rapid wide spread success of the human race. It is the dog that is not afraid of the dark and when a noise is heard beyond the light of the campfire, it is the dog that will hear the noise first and not only alert the possibly sleeping humans, but will go out into the darkness where the early humans would not go and challenge an intruder even at the risk of its own life. Mark Twain, "Samuel Clemens ", said, " If dogs can not go to Heaven, then I want to go where dogs go."

NOTE : 10/13/2014 Monday 9:44 AM, Been very busy with the puppies. Wife went to beach and had to bath all 13 Saturday and today by myself. I do not like to bath them by myself but was very careful and did one at a time, took over an hour,,,, get help when you can. Some of them take it ok and some remind me of a kid when its mother tries to wash its face with a wet towel. Blondie is back on the back porch and will not come back in- she said she was tired and needed some undisturbed rest- she is laying where she can see the puppies though. I will have all 10 of hers at the Farmers Market today. New videos will be posted after I post this note. Left 2nd message on the missing deposit. The people that have a puppy from this litter will get first choice if you only got one puppy- I will wait till 6:00 PM before announcing what I will do. /////////// 08;20 PM, I apparently have a Yellow Female from Blondie with no deposit. Anyone interested email or call. I will change my ads later.

NOTE : 10/14/2014 Tuesday 3:44 PM, Miss Vader's puppy three week weights: YM 4.91, BM 5.51, BF 5.55. The Yellow Male is still the smallest and the two Black's are almost tied with the Female slightly heaver this weighing. All 13 puppies still doing good.

NOTE : 10/15/2014 Wednesday 8:30 PM, Received registration papers on both litters today. Gave all Blondie's a bath and may do Miss Vader's later tonight. Gave both mothers a bath yesterday. Have not continued down my list yet on the missing deposit- still do not know what happened and would hate to give someone's puppy away if there was a good reason for the missing deposit. I am on my backup computer because my main computer is still acting funny.

NOTE : 10/16/2014 Thursday 10:07 AM, Got up at 2:55 AM for puppy that had head caught in fence, they can really make a racket, moved all but runt back to baskets, got back in bed around 3:35 AM. This morning found an escapee sleeping under the cabinet overhang so will have to start putting lids on the baskets or get taller baskets. Will look for chicken wire to cover the chain link to prevent them sticking their heads thru in the future. 11:15 AM Got 50 feet of 2 foot wide chicken wire, will try to put on today. 1:09 PM saw Blondie standing up and nursing for the first time- she had previously been sitting and nursing. - can now easily nurse all 10 at one time but it means she will get scratched up more so I will plan to use utter cream more often. I am back on my main computer now. Also placed 30"x30" shelter normally used for sun and rain protection when the puppies are outside inside the cage so Blondie will have a place to escape the puppies and have a place to lay without danger of laying on a puppy, saw her use it first time around 1:25 PM. Gave all 13 puppies a bath- fun. 1:26 PM , been working with puppies since 8:00 AM and people think raising puppies is easy. The puppies seem to look at you now- I do not know how well they can see yet. I offered Miss Vader's water tonight but got no takers.

NOTE : 10/19/2014 Sunday 10:15 PM, Sorry for the missing updates. Puppies taking up lots of time. Cut left thumb and index finger yesterday on table saw and spent 1 hour in emergency room getting sewed up. Was making slats to install in chain link fence to prevent puppies from sticking their head thru. Had all 4 of Blondie's Females with Miss Vader last night and had to only get up once to let Blondie out around 4 AM and all puppies slept all night without making any disturbing noises. It is about time as my wife, myself and Blondie need more rest. Have more videos in camera but will wait till later to post them. Will probably cut down on number of puppies at the farmers market due to my hand. It is time for Miss Vader's to drink water and eat puppy chow but have not tried it in the last several days- maybe tomorrow.

NOTE : 10/20/2014 Monday 10:00 AM, Miss Vader's 4 week puppy weight: Dawn's Yellow Male 5.82, Sybil's Black Male 6.34, Linda's Black Female 6.59.

NOTE : 10/21/2014 Tuesday 2:00 PM, Well Miss Vader did it to me again, she filled her belly with food and came back in and regurgitated it for her puppies,,, on the carpet,,, wife not very happy about that. I guess she is tired of nursing. She is the only mother I have that does that and is the only mother I have that will bring things she caught outside for her puppies to eat. The puppies are eating Purina Puppy Chow now.

NOTE : 10/24/2014 Friday 9:12 AM, Forgot to weigh Blondie's 10 yesterday for their 4 week weights. Will try to do it later today. All puppies staying outside in a large cage from around 8:00 AM till just before dark now and this saves on the number of towels that have to be washed everyday. All puppies still doing good. Miss Vader's Black Female, who has been named Maddie, seems to have mastered drinking from a pan of water and the others are sampling the water. I may post another video of the puppies later in their outside enclosure.

NOTE : 10/??/2014, Puppies outside all day. Posted 5 new videos.

NOTE : 10/28/2014 Tuesday 9:32 PM, Well just finished bringing 13 puppies back in for the night. They are getting heavy to pull up the ramp to the back porch. The mothers are nursing only once or twice a day now and are in their old cage at night while the puppies are in the den. The puppies have reached the stage where when I call out puppies they all run to the closest cage door but then I can still out run them to another door so I can get in without having to push puppies out of the way. Miss Vader's two will be available to pick up 1, 2, or 3 of November. Call to agree on a time. As it stands now all Blondie's will be ready by at least the 6th so call to ok a time to pick hers up. Blondie's have to be coordinated with the pickup due to all are yellow.

NOTE : 10/29/2014 Wednesday, All puppies doing great. Some people are already scheduling pickup times. Blondie nursed for a long time this morning but would not nurse this evening, She may be effectively thru. Miss Vader lasted longer this evening than she did this morning so both may be good for only one nursing a day now. I feed the puppies before they are allowed to nurse so they do not maul the mothers as bad. I plan to leave them outside tonight for the first time - worry, worry, worry. I probably will not get much sleep. It is like letting your teenager go out with the car the first time- very stressful but a necessary procedure. New videos will be posted below.

NOTE : 10/31/2014 Friday 10:05 AM, Wednesday and Thursday nights the puppies stayed outside for the first time. They were in a big puppy pile under their sun/rain shelter. It can get very cold under there as its primary purpose is to offer protection from the sun and rain and I noticed some shivering Thursday morning at 45 degrees during the morning feeding frenzy. I decided to lock them up in the dog house that so far had been unused in their cage. I had tried to get them to stay in it Wednesday night but they would not stay. Well Thursday night my wife, son, and me got all the puppies inside the house and blocked the door. I worried a lot about the runt getting under a pile of larger puppies but this morning he came bounding out. He was the last out but looked around with that expression of where did everybody go. He is so cute. They all took a potty break and then I fed them. In a short time I went back out to check on them and thankfully they were all back in the house which is a big relief. It will be around 30 degrees over the weekend so they will need to use the dog house and now I can leave the door off it so they can come and go during the night if they need a break or when they wake up in the mornings. This is the last hurdle for the puppies and it is such a relief. From now on I will have little to do but feed them and play with them. Joy, Joy, Joy! I took the runt to the nursing home for my 96 year old Aunt to hold as I had done several times before. If you have not scheduled a pickup time, now is the time to do it if you can.

NOTE : 11/01/2014 Saturday 7:40 PM, All 13 puppies doing very good. Fed puppies 6:50 PM and checked on them 7:30 and all were back in their house. Now with them using the dog house I am not worried about the freezing weather prediction over the coming nights. Two of Miss Vader's puppies are to be picked up Sunday. The third I will hold because the person is also getting one of Blondie's which will be ready Thursday and she wanted each to have company when she picked them up. The puppies really do not like to be by them self after being picked up and a litter mate really helps. The two litters from the two sisters, Miss Vader and Blondie, were born 3 days apart.

NOTE : 11/2/2014 Sunday 1:22 PM, Miss Vader's Black Female was picked up around 11:30 AM and her Blond Male was picked up around 12:30 PM today. Her Black Male will be picked up with one of Blondie's on Thursday so those two will have a playmate when they go home. There are two other people getting two.

NOTE : 11/3/2014 Monday 10:20 AM, All 11 remaining puppies that have not been picked up yet are doing great. They survived the 28 degree night with 9 in the dog house to keep each other warm. Two have already been picked up and the runt and another small puppy were in the house last night. Yesterday the larger puppies were giving the runt a hard time so I rescued it and brought it in the house with another puppy for companionship. These two were given a bath this morning.

NOTE : 11/4/2014 Tuesday 7:45 PM, All puppies back outside all day. Seven puppies to be picked up tomorrow. Two new videos to be added later today. Remember to bring the total price in cash when you pick up your puppy and your deposit check will be returned to you un cashed when you pay for the puppy, NO checks or money orders are accepted that would require a trip to the bank. This ends the written portion of the updates on the Fall 2014 litters, Videos shown below.



Videos ! The red links must be copied and pasted to your browser address window. The blue links should be click able now so you do not have to copy and paste.

http://youtu.be/D1SPLL8OQnA ... First Miss Vader video. . This is Miss Vader's first video of her Fall 2014 litter. If copy/paste is used, be sure to not copy the space at the end, It may affect the results.

http://youtu.be/s3tWsP_SGk0 ... Miss Vader's 2nd video . This is Miss Vader's second video- Puppies about 41 hours old.

http://youtu.be/uxVh7XzIdFA ... Miss Vader 3rd video . Miss Vader 3rd Video, Do not know the time that I took this video.

http://youtu.be/Jm-z4_1yHAI ... Blondie's first video Blondie's First Video of Her first puppy less than one minute old. She is cleaning it and biting the cord off. You get to hear the first sound from her first puppy.

http://youtu.be/DJdgQg0uXuU ... All blondie's 10 nursing Blondie's First family video with all 10. 9:00 AM 09/26/2014. Day 2, 1 day old.

http://youtu.be/JzKXjyDQPvc ... Separated by sex Blondie's Males in pan and Females nursing. Noon 09/26/2014. Day 2, 1 day old.

http://youtu.be/rdoejKvsReI ... Blondie's separated by tummy size .

http://youtu.be/v1K5NRE5NFI .. Blondie's sleeping .

http://youtu.be/Cz0mFIPE6X0 .. Miss Vader's puppies, 10/2/2014 . Day 7, 6 days old.

http://youtu.be/5rsdrKaCjx4 .. Blondie's 10 , 10/7/2014A Day 12, 11 days old.

http://youtu.be/vkcmaHfHA4s .. Blondies-10/7/2014B Day 12, 11 days old.

http://youtu.be/2QPHauGvzYA .. Puppy hanging over side of pan

Videos added Monday 11;00AM:

http://youtu.be/PAdbflZxcdI Blondie's puppies 10/13/2014A Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/AwWdQGLNKKI Blondie 10/13/2014B Day 18, 19 days old.

http://youtu.be/UCUipM0Idpg Miss Vaders puppies 10/13/2014A Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/19tvfblz6TQ Blondie's puppies 10/13/2014C Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/F3ATk6UavRM Miss Vader puppies 10/13/2014 12:30PM Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/0gn0l49hgkM Miss Vader puppies D 10/13/2014 12:35 PMDay 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/tYQFgAlyPtk Miss Vader puppies 10/13/2014 12:40 PM Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/jTEJwBZnwEQ Miss Vader puppies 10/13/2014 12:50 PM Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/P9VOcmU0axo Blondies 10 10/14/2014 12 Noon Day 19, 18 days old.

http://youtu.be/i_HrWFAd8dI Blondie 1PM Feeding 10 puppies

hppt://youtu.be/OVYsXt9RCAs Miss Vader's sleeping

http://youtu.be/EaKJdbgzujc Blondie on her escape platform.

http://youtu.be/k3LlDoyRILw Blondie standing while nursing.

http://youtu.be/OY8qoWJCkiw Blondie 10/24/2014 8:30P Day 22, 21 days old.

http://youtu.be/M5-f8oYhuBs Puppies 10/25/2014 Day 30, 29 days old.

http://youtu.be/1QfQYSR4-mA Puppies 10/25/2014A Day 30, 29 days old.

http://youtu.be/er_4rnMrRBw Puppies 10/25/2014B Day 30, 29 days old.

http://youtu.be/5BNTbOG32x8 Puppies 10/25/2014B1 Day 30, 29 days old.

http://youtu.be/_vUIjnSprXs Puppies 10/25/2014C Day 30, 29 days old.

http://youtu.be/wfiDnuls9CM Sunday morning wagon ride

http://youtu.be/uPYvWiOv778 Puppies in wagon in cage

http://youtu.be/L80ld12yJvw Last ride out in wagon.

http://youtu.be/IBiodT6CyOk Puppys eating.

http://youtu.be/PE3B_ivGky8 Holding runt to nurse.

http://youtu.be/XCna18d6Ee0 Puppies at fence.

http://youtu.be/4vcsu5pb01Y Runt with toy Runt playing with toy some very nice lady gave it.

http://youtu.be/HLBvRgCG3AA Puppies at fence 11/4/2014 This is the last video for these two litters as seven puppies are to be picked up tomorrow.



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