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Reading this page is step "one" to access the FORM to sign up for a puppy!

I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy if I think the sale is not in the best interest of the puppy. The deposit check you send in only reserves a puppy for you if you meet my expectation for the care and well being of the puppy and may be returned to you if the sale is not in the best interest of the puppy.

I DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES. I would not ever consider putting one of my puppies on a plane or any other means of transportation by them self and not know who it is going to or who will be caring for it during the journey. The person's name on the deposit check is the only person that can pick the puppy up unless prior arrangements have been agreed on by me. When the puppy is picked up, You will have to show a valid drivers license to prove you are the one that sent in the deposit check. This will best insure no one else gets your puppy. You drivers license will also be the source of information when filling out any papers.

I will not knowingly sell a puppy to anyone that PRESENTLY OWNS or who has EVER OWNED a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix. You will have to sign a statement to that effect when the puppy is picked up and if you can not sign or will not sign the statement then I will not allow the sale of the puppy to you and your deposit check will be FORFETED.

CAUTION; CAUTION; CAUTION; REMEMBER- If a dog pound or ESPECIALLY A RESCUE business advertises a Lab Mix, most likely it is mixed with a Pit Bull WITH ALL THE PIT BULL TRAITS and in my opinion SHOULD BE AVOIDED . They call a lot of mixed dogs Labs so they can get someone to take them - BE CAREFUL. It seems to me the pit bull owners are trying to get that "Bite and never let go" gene, that has been bred into them to ensure of winning a fight, out of the Pit Bull but that will take many generations creating a lot of dogs called lab or lab mix but really a pit bull mix. The pit bull breeders pick labs to breed with because the last time I checked labs are by FAR FAR FAR the most popular dog due to there good nature and desire to please and then they can call them lab mix with the hope of getting rid of them faster. In fact the last time I checked there were more than twice the number of labs registered with AKC than the second place dog which is very impressive. In February 2016, Labs were again listed by AKC as Americas most popular dog for the 25th year in a row. Learn what a Lab looks like- Click HERE to link to Blondie's first litter of 5-2-2012 to see what a lab puppy should look like. Click HERE to see what a pure breed lab should look like as a puppy and as an adult. Learn what a Pit Bull looks like. There are only three colors that a lab can be registered with AKC, Yellow, Chocolate, or Black and THEY SHOULD BE SOLID COLORS. Click here then check section four to help insure it is a pure breed color. There can be a small white patch on the center of the chest about the size of a pack of cigarettes on an adult lab but even this is undesirable to most people . If in doubt a DNA test can be obtained in 1-2 weeks to see if American Pit Bull is in its genes. PIT BULLS ARE VERY DANGEROUS DOGS-search for dangerous dogs on the internet.


Click here for my personal observations on Pit Bulls.
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