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Reading this page is step "two" to allow you to be able to access the puppy sign up FORM at the bottom of this page.


If interested in a puppy then please read and study this page and then click on the link to the FORM at the bottom of this page. When you submit the FORM you should get a conformation email from me within 24 hours showing your choices for your puppy's, Mother, Color, Sex as well as your three digit assigned number which should be included if possible in all correspondence. Sometimes my Email and Phone #'s are shown a little funny so machines can not read them and produce spam. The FORM you fill out will provide a time and date stamp for a backup to my written list. You can call before submitting the FORM if you have any concerns or questions. See below, in "Communication", for the telephone #(s). It takes 15 weeks, which is 9 weeks gestation and then 6 weeks to sell or around 3-1/2 months from breeding to selling. I ask for the people who have signed up for a puppy to keep check on the current update at least every four weeks until the puppies are born and then daily until I announce that I have received all the deposits promised. You should check my update page regularly for notices, new videos, and other information at the following web address daily after a new litter is born and up until the puppies are in their new home: . After I have received a deposit on a puppy it may again become available, life changes, and it is very hard these days for people to predict the future. You may re-verify thru email or a phone call that you still want a puppy every 3-6 months if you get anxious and I will then put a mark beside your name on my list and will make an extra effort to contact you for a deposit if your name comes up. No recorded messages will be left by me if my phone call requesting a deposit is not answered.




VERY IMPORNTANT: If you are on the list now or when you get on the list for a puppy; Put both my cell number 704-773-0006 and home phone number 704-455-2754, in your phone contacts with " TEDS-LABS.COM " as the name so you will know it is me calling. When calling for a deposit, I will try ALL the numbers you provide me.

Keep track daily of the "Updates".

For all email: Do not simply reply thru any advertisement except for the initial contact as they remove, for your security, email addresses, phone numbers, web page addresses and other contact information that I need in order to reply back to you, BUT they show your personal information if you make any comments. After the initial contact and for the most privacy, send all emails directly to or call area code 7O4 :::: ( 455 2754 ) or (773 OOO6 ) for additional information. My street address in Harrisburg, N. C. 28075 will be shown on the deposit link only during the short time I am expecting the deposits to be mailed in and again just before the puppy is to be picked up so you can put the address in your GPS. I do not intend to eliminate anyone from getting one of my puppies due to a technicality. If you do not request any exceptions to the above requirements then I will follow the requirements.



There will be a new web page created, hopefully when the breeding process is started. Videos will be posted no later than the day they are born if I can get to them, and they can be accessed by one of the update links at the top of each page for each new round of litter(s) as in the past. This will allow you to show your family and friends what your puppy looked like from Day 1 and maybe even hear its first noise it makes. The mama's are all outside dogs unless they are having puppies and some times the mother will pick her delivery site. They prefer to have their puppies outside in the dirt under some of the buildings around here so if I can not get to them easily, the pictures/video may not be on the day they are born. My normal procedure is to have the mothers have their puppies in the kitchen where they can be monitored continuously for the first 48 hours. The puppies are moved outside sometime after their eyes open around age 14 days old.


Puppy sign up information:

When you fill out and SUBMIT the FORM you will be signing up for an option on a puppy from one of the upcoming litters. The puppies will be ready for their new home when they are six weeks old. There is NO obligation on your part when you fill out the FORM to get on the list for a puppy until your name comes up and I call for a deposit and a deposit is sent in by you. If you filled out the FORM and are on the list for a puppy and you find another puppy elsewhere that meets your requirements before you get a call from me, then that is your good luck in getting a Lab puppy earlier. You will have the option at that point to decide whether you wish to stay on the list for an additional puppy or be removed from the list.



:::: Visitation ::::

The puppies may be scheduled to be seen most any time after day 14 when their eyes have opened, it depends on the mother. A puppy is blind until their eyes open and if a blind puppy is picked up or even touched they immediately start squirming frantically, like they have previously done, to push the other puppies out of the way to be sure they get a nipple and start nursing and their neck and shoulder mussels are very strong. Puppies are either asleep or hungry. They can easily wiggle out of your hand and be dropped during this period and should not be handled by strangers, especially children. I am experienced and very careful but I have dropped puppies and it is very unnerving. You never want your puppy to be afraid of being picked up. The puppies will not respond to you or react to you until they are around 3-1/2 weeks old and only start being interested in you at 4-1/2 weeks old and older. Email or call to arrange an agreed on time for the visit and call before you get out of the car to prevent any surprise visit from the mother(s). They are Mothers after all and their job is to protect their babies.

DO NOT BRING ANY DOG WITH YOU EVEN IF IT IS TO STAY IN THE CAR. ALL THE MaMa's WILL GET UPSET AND THE STUD(S) WILL NOT LIKE ANY STRANGE DOG AROUND. Most of the time there will be dogs, up to five, running loose on a 30 acre farm. A female dog may have had her puppies outside of any cage, is free to roam, and will get very protective when a strange dog comes around if she has puppies. She may meet you at the car door to check everybody out. If a strange dog comes up in the yard there will be a fight if the other dog does not immediately retreat far enough, which is usually out of sight. A STUD MALE dog will not tolerate another male, even a fixed one, AT ANY TIME, especially when there are breed able females around. There will be predictable results. Any strange dog around during the breeding season will most certainly create a disturbance that usually will escalate into some level of a dog fight. Leave your dog(s) at home.


Your personal number:

The three digit number shown at the end of my emails is a reference number only, like a cash register receipt number, and continues to get bigger. It is not reset after each litter is sold. It has no relation as to how many are ahead or behind you on the list. It is a number assigned when someone inquires about a puppy and simply helps me find them faster when I need to check my list some information. With out the number I have to start the computer or retrieve the three ring binder and start looking for names. It helps me if you include it in all your correspondence with me.


!!!!!! Click below for step "three", FORM to sign up for a puppy !!!!!!

Click here for the puppy "FORM" to fill out so I will have all the information on the puppy you want.


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