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The Pit Bull - The following comments are my personal observations and assessments.


Several years ago I started to keep a mental record of the humans killed by dogs. As of 7-25-2013 I remember 19, of which 17 were listed as Pit Bull. One was a Mastiff and one was a Lab Mix. The Mastiff killed an infant when it grabbed it to play with evidently not realizing it was a small human. The Lab mix did the same, they did not say what it was mixed with. It seems to take all dogs some short time to realize that an infant is human. Neither of the above dogs showed aggression though, they were simply playing with what they thought was a rag doll. I personally would never leave an infant unattended with ANY, animal, dog, cat, ferret, snake, or any other living thing, of ANY size, for ANY amount of time!

For many generations some Pit Bulls have been used for fighting. The most important thing to do to win a dog fight is to have very short jaws and big jaw mussels to multiply the bite strength so he has the ability to hang on and never let loose. Look at the head of a Pit Bull. I can pretty much read or hear the description of a dog attack and tell if the dog has the Pit Bull gene. If there are people around that are beating, kicking, pulling on the dog and it will not let loose or stop the attact, then IT IS A PIT BULL. I have NEVER HEARD of another domestic breed doing this. Other dogs will bite but they DO NOT HOLD ON, it is a quick bite and it is over with. Other dogs can be trained to hold on like the German Shepherds used in police work but they will stop when there trainer instructs them to stop. This bite and never let go only shows itself under certain conditions. At other times the pit is a normal, loving, but sometimes very protective dog. Pit Bulls have even attacked and killed there human owners, some who were adult males. For additional information, search for " pit bull attacks ", but be prepared for very graphic descriptions and videos and I would look before your children see the videos. Do not listen to me or the people that blame the dog's owners. Just look at the evidence and use your own brain to decide. A lot of the ads from people wanting to rehome there Pit say they are a little protective- That probably means they have become afraid of their own dog.

On 8-2-2013 I searched for labs on a popular web site. There were ZERO rescue or animal shelter ads on the first page. I did the same for pit bull and 100% of the first page were shelter ads of dogs turned back in or abandoned. There has to be a reason. Very informative results. Try it yourself.

Pit Bull  #1 human killer !
Though Pit Bulls have traditionally gotten a bad rap, it can’t be ignored that though they “make up only 5% of the dog population, they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982.” That includes 1114 attacks on children. No matter how careful you try to be, this threat of aggression and fight is too strong to ignore. See here for additional information :

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