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Blondie's Daily Update Page !

This link 3D web page was started Tuesday 4/14/2015 for Blondie's litter expected as early as Wednesday 4/15/2015. This is a continuation from link 3C which tells about her breeding cycle, you will need to read 3C to obtain the complete breeding cycle on Blondie for this litter. If you get a puppy from me you may want to copy link 3C and 3D and paste to a word document for your records as it is subject to being removed from my web page at any time after the puppies are sold. Click able links are underlined and shown in BLUE.


Blondie's puppy time line: Bred week of 2/24/15 with Baxter , Due around Wednesday 4/15/15, If born on the 15th then I will start calling for the $50 deposit check around Thursday 5/2/15, Puppies will be ready for pickup around Wednesday 5/27/15. All the above dates are estimated from being born on the 15th. I will revise all these dates after the puppies arrive.

4/19/2015 Revised Puppy dates after puppy's came: I will start calling for the deposit check starting "not before", 9AM, Saturday, 02MAY15 and will continue until all puppies have a deposit promised. If you will be unable to answer the phone call for the deposit after 9:00 AM, Saturday, 02MAY15 let me know. Remember the phone call calling for the deposit must be answered, Messages may be left later if any puppies are still available after the first trip thru the call list. I will post at the top of this page when all deposits have been promised. I will later post at the top of this page when all deposits have been received. I will post at the top of this page if a puppy again becomes available for any reason. The pickup date will be Sunday, 31MAY15 or possibly the Saturday before.


4/14/2015 Tuesday 9:48 AM. Blondie brought in to house around 8:00 PM yesterday, Monday, 4/13/2015 for a puppy watch. She is in a cage in the kitchen where she can be readily watched. Nothing happened last night.... Stay tuned ! ..... 2:35 PM Blondie seems bigger now than when she had 10 this past Fall. She seems to be able to rest less and less.

4/15/2015 Wednesday, 8:50 AM Nothing happened last night. I did not witness a mating with my stud Baxter so I do not have a good start date. She looks like she will bust. Video of Blondie in the kitchen in the morning around 8:30 AM on her earliest due date. Blondie video on first available delivery date. ..... 9:24 AM Heard heavy licking which usually precedes a baby but nothing yet. Will maintain a constant watch all day. 7:49 PM 2nd Video today, Blondie's 2nd video before delivery.

4/16/2015 Thursday 7:27 PM Still on a baby watch. This is the 2nd available day for the puppies. I will not consider them late until Sunday as I do not know when the first mating occurred. Blondie shows no signs that I have observed that she is going into labor. This is today's video that was taken around 7:15 PM Blondie's belly on Thursday. I did not go to bed till 3:05 AM this morning.

4/17/2015 Friday 9:40 AM Everything calm on the Baby watch. Put another cage in bedroom before I went to bed and put Blondie in it for the night. This way I will be more aware of what is happening at night. Wife is in Georgia for grand kids birthday so more of my time is required to watch Blondie.

4/18/2015 Saturday 8:13 AM No babies yet. 4:57 PM Let blondie out for a break. She disappeared. Last seen entering the hangar from the East side. Started on the West side walking around the hangar to head her off. Saw dirt flying, coming from the wood pile under the West side of the hangar. Blondie was digging her a hole to have her puppies in. When I called her she came out, I brushed the dirt off her and I took her back to the kitchen. Must be getting close. I am topping off the camera battery and will start carrying it with me.

4/19/2015 Sunday 7:37 AM, Day 1, 0 days old. Blondie spent the 2nd night in the bedroom, woke me 6:27 AM whining. Let her out for a break and she went straight to the hangar again and started digging - I had to put a leash on her this time to get her to come back in the house. She seems very uncomfortable and is whining a lot more than in the Fall. I never did see a mating with her and Baxter so I do not have a reliable delivery date which greatly concerns me and complicates things, I do not have a good date to set as the time to start serious worrying. 7:53 AM She seems to be in strong labor- 8:25 AM Very worried - very difficult labor - Checked her several times to make sure one is not trying to come out sideways. Taka had her first puppy this way several years ago and I had to pull it out. 8:58 AM- First puppy, light colored Male, has all its fingers and toes. Unbelievable relief, The worry is not over with but has greatly diminished. 9:53- 2nd puppy, dark Female. I may not check the sex on the rest until tomorrow, after mama has time to settle down. 10:29 AM- Third puppy. Blondie's first puppy video. , Blondie's 2nd puppy video. 10:50 AM- 4th puppy. 12:03 PM- 5th puppy, 12:16 PM- 6th puppy, 12:49 PM- 7th puppy. 2:55 PM- 8th puppy, A very very small dark Yellow Male- he looked a lot bigger when his hair dried out and fluffed up- he was nursing 5 minutes after being born so his belly is bigger now. Delivery has been going on for 6 hours. Blondie 4/19/2015C , Blondie4/19/2015D . 6:21 PM- 9th puppy. #10 Found 7 PM, do not know when it came- They are all starting to look alike and getting hard to count. Delivery has been going on for over 10 hours and may not be thru. 7:59 PM- Well for the first time today everybody seems to be satisfied- puppies either asleep or nursing quietly and mama is stretched out resting- What a day, 13-1/2 hours of work and worry. I will make another world famous prediction and estimate that the delivery is over with. Blondie's puppies 4/19/2015 with Blondie's music.

4/20/2015 Monday 8:53 AM, Day 2, 1 day old. Got in bed 2:50 AM this morning. Had put 5 puppies in a pan and took to the bedroom with me and left 5 with Blondie so as to lessen the chance that one would get laid on. Got up 4:15 AM and swapped puppies out and again at 6:35 AM. Got up 7:50 AM and put all 10 back with Blondie - Let other four dogs out and fed - gave Blondie water for 2nd time since delivery. 9:05 Blondie had been laying on her left side continuously during and since delivery, 24 hours, she finally stood up for around 5 minutes and then laid back down on her right side- I opened the kitchen sliding glass door and offered to let her out but she wanted to stay with her puppies. She has not been out since 7:37 AM Sunday and even then she did not potty- I guess she has lots more room to store stuff now in her belly. She has not eaten anything for days. The last time I remember her eating dog food was Monday afternoon. My wife gave her several hot dogs the last several days. The smallest dark Male weighs 0.61 pounds. One of the larger Males weighs 1.16 pounds. I will weigh all 10 when my wife returns from Georgia later today for the 1 day weight and then each week up till week 5. If you want your puppy weighed when it is picked up just ask to remind me. There will be a bucket and scales out with the puppies. Latest video- Blondie 4/20/2015A . 11:04 AM UPDATE: There are three (3) girls and seven (7) boys. 9:00 PM Gave Blondie more water. She is drinking a lot but still has not eaten anything but a few treats since delivery and maybe a day or several days before delivery. I expect her to leave the house tomorrow for the first time since Sunday morning. I left the dark Yellow Male with mama by himself for 2 hours, he seemed full so I put some more with him. I will try to only leave him with mama tonight and see if Blondie will be satisfied with only one puppy. Blondie quickly gets upset when there are no puppies around her and seems happiest when all 10 are crawling on or around her. Every once and a while you need to reread this page from the top as it is subject to be expanded at any time. 9:31 PM - Tired and wife not back yet so will weigh puppies tomorrow on day 3 at 2 days old. Wife back at 9:32 PM. 9:54 PM - Tired and going to bed.

4/21/2015 Tuesday 4:40 PM, Day 3, 2 days old. Blondie went out around 2 PM for the first time since delivery and I gave her three cans of dog food and some dry food. She tried to use the bathroom but I did not see any results. 4:20 PM she went out again and I took the hose and washed the remaining delivery residue from her rear and tail and dried her off. She then went to the door and I let her back in. Will try to weigh and tell the number of the light and dark ones. Puppy weights, White Female 0.99#, Darker Female 1.01#, Darkest Female 1.21#, Dark small Male 0.79#, remaining Males- 1.03, 1.03,1.05,1.08,1.19, 1.38. Video of the day, Blondie 4/21/2015A .

4/24/2015 Friday 8:53 AM Day 6, 5 days old. Nothing much happening. All puppies doing good. The puppies all have bellies so full of milk that if they roll over they have a hard time getting back up, like a pregnant woman at 9 months. There is two laundry baskets in Blondie's cage and during the day there are 5 in one of the baskets and 5 with mama. The puppies with mama are swapped with the puppies in the basket about every hour. At night we take one basket of puppies to the bedroom with us and leave 5 with mama. This is to prevent mama from trying to crawl into the basket to feed her puppies if they have been without milk for too long and this would probably result in her laying on and loosing some puppies. Mama is not going to let her precious little babies go hungry. We usually swap puppies around 3 AM and then when we get up around 6:30 AM which starts the daily routine all over again. Blondie is snoring now so all is alright.

4/25/2015 Saturday 9:45 AM Day 7, 6 days old. All dogs have been let out, fed, chased ball, did their business, and put back up. Blondie came back in at 9:44 AM after being let out for the second time and left on her own for around 40 minutes- all four legs had fresh soft dirt on them so she is still digging a hole for her puppies somewhere, probably either in my wife's flower garden beside the house or back under the hangar wood pile. Brilliant educated people are always trying to figure the best way to design and build a place for the expectant mothers to have their babies but the mothers prefer dirt. They can make the hole the size and shape they want and can modify it as the puppies get bigger and more active.

4/26/2015 Sunday morning Day 8, 7 days old, 1 week old.

If you are on the list before March 2015 then reaffirm you still want a puppy with an email with your number on it. I will start making out my list to call for the deposit this morning and will have it completed before Saturday 9 AM. I have lost some of the early information therefore I will NOT be able to reliably call those on the list before January 2015 unless I have heard from you again !

1 week puppy weights: White Female 1.43#, Darker Female 1.65#, Darkest Female 2.02#, Dark small Male 1.25 #, remaining Males-1.58, 1.58, 1.58, 1.65, 1.80, 2.11 .

Litter was registered with AKC at 6:06 PM today. Papers usually take one week by USPS.

6:12 PM, I have had two people confirm they still want a puppy, one was pre January 2015. To insure you are not missed, you can reconfirm now no matter where you are on the list. Do not send another form in, just an email with your number shown at the end of my conformation Email. Time is getting close for that important call and I do not want to overlook anyone.

4/27/2015 Monday Day 9, 8 days old. The puppies and Mama are changing. The puppies are so full of milk they have a difficult time getting back on their feet if they roll over. I have started putting all 10 with Blondie during the day because she gets concerned when one in the bucket starts making noises and she can not reach it to check on it. The bucket is no problem at night because it is in our bedroom with 5 puppies in it so we can monitor it and Blondie can not hear those puppies. Last night was the first night we did not swap the puppies out. Their bellies will now hold enough milk to last all night. If they were wild dogs Mama may have to be gone 12 hours or more to get enough to eat to feed a large litter. Blondie is wanting to go outside 6 or more times during the day now, she needs some R&R. Most of the time she turns around as soon as she gets out and either sits or lays down at the sliding glass door where she can hear and see her little ones. 10:27 PM, This is the latest combined video of several days. It is around 10 minutes long and the quality kept changing from course to fine. My camera gets a lot of use and it may be wearing out. Blondie summary videos 4-27-2015.

4/28/2015 Tuesday, Day 10, 9 days old. Blondie is staying on porch longer now before returning to those 10 hungry puppies. Did swap puppies out one time last night. Put the runt with Blondie by himself twice today.

4/29/2015 Wednesday 8:33 AM , Day 11, 10 days old. Did not swap puppies out last night until 5:30 AM this morning. All slept quietly thru the night. Their eyes should start opening soon, sometime around 12-14 days. They are starting to change a little each day as to how they react to the world around them. I just noticed yesterday that when picked up now most do not go into there all out frantic search for something to eat and move much slower. For several short periods they relaxed and seemed to enjoy the rubbing. They all have stopped flinching when they are touched to pick them up. Blondie for the first time has brought back a meal for her puppies when she came back in from her break around 6 PM. Up to this time Miss Vader had been the only mother to bring things back for their puppies.

4/30/2015 Thursday, 7:44 PM, Day 12, 11 days old. Notice: Since there were only three Females and three of the first people wanting a Female has checked in lately I went ahead and called for the deposit on the three Females and all three people that will get one of Blondie's Females have been notified. I am sorry for the people who missing out on a Female this time, I was expecting more Females. The next available litter will be in the late Summer or Fall when the process will start all over again. I will start calling on the Males at 9 AM Saturday. I will try to upload a video of the three Females shortly. This is not it. Blondie 4-30-2015A .This is the three Females . Deposits have been promised on all three of them as of around 8:30 PM. Blondie's three Females, 4/30/2015B

5/1/2015 Friday, 9:28 PM, Day 13, 12 days old. AKC registration papers came today. Something has come up and I need to leave the house around 9:30 AM tomorrow so I will make some calls tonight for the deposit on the males but you will not have to answer the phone tonight. If you do not answer the phone tonight I will not give your puppy away and will call again tomorrow starting at 9 AM with the no answer policy in effect.

5/2/2014 Saturday, 7:31 AM, Day 14, 13 days old. My routine for calling for the deposits will be interrupted due to an unexpected situation. I made one early call last night that went unanswered and I realized it was 9:30 so did not proceed. I will start earlier than planned this morning to try to get some out of the way but the calling will be interrupted around 9:30 AM. It may restart around Noon or sometime after. It will be posted at the top of the page when all puppies have a deposit on them. The people on the list will still be called in the correct order as I will reserve a Male if a call is not answered when they are called before 9AM.

5/3/2015 Sunday, 8:40 AM, Day 15, 14 days old. Two week puppy weights: Females 2.57,2.77,3.02. The average Female weight is 2.79. Males 2.22, 2.35, 2.86, 2.88, 3.04, 3.13, 3.32, with an average of 2.82 which is a little unusual that the males weigh more at this stage in life. Last night as I was arranging the puppies for the night, I picked a light colored Female up and looked into her eyes and she was looking back at me. I expect several have their eyes open now. Today may be a good day to put the puppies outside in a pen to get a little fresh air and sunshine. I may not have time as I will have to stay with them while they are out. This is the latest on Blondie. Blondie tummy scratch.

5/4/2015 Monday, 9:00 AM, Day 16, 15 days old. Clothes basket containing 5 puppies getting too heavy for my wife to carry from the bedroom to the kitchen in the morning where Mama is so I will be doing it from now on. May take several puppies to the Farmers Market to day for the kids to look at. They are too small to be played with or handled by strangers now.

5/5/2015 Tuesday, 7:40 PM, Day 17, 16 days old. Well I missed a good video around 7:30 PM. The puppies had been out all day since around 9 AM. Earlier today about 2 PM I let the smallest two puppies nurse Blondie while she laid down outside the small puppy cage till they went to sleep. Later around 3:30 I put Blondie in their new enclosure with her puppies, I helped her over the one foot high inner puppy cage and she laid down to nurse. This time, around 7:30 PM, I opened the small enclosure and Blondie went in without any help and for the first time started nursing while standing, just like the first video on my home page. I initially held the runt until he got the hang of it and now he seems to be doing ok. There is a small Female I did the same thing for. The other larger puppies are learning quickly. Being able to nurse standing is very important as that is the only way to make all 10 feeding stations easily available at the same time.

5/6/2015 Wednesday 9:53 AM, Day 18, 17 days old. The puppies will probably stay outside from now on during the day if there is no bad weather. They will be getting used to the wind blowing across them and all the noises and smells that are outside. I can not see any reaction to the noises but they are very interested in the new smells. It is much easier on me and Blondie now as she can come and go when ever she wants to. This is 2nd day outside. Blondie's 10 on way outside. The mad house = http://youtu.be/kiL4RY6u7xI .

5/7/2015 Thursday 10:46 AM, Day 19, 18 days old. The puppies are changing. I noticed this morning for the first time that when I got to within 5 feet of the laundry bucket one of the small light colored puppies on the far side was watching me and as I came closer it crossed the basket and crawled up on the side towards me evidently wanting some attention.

7:54 PM. Puppies brought back in the house at 8:10 PM. Blondie let out for the final time 10:10 PM. In previous litters Blondie was put back with her sister Miss Vader at night and leaving the puppies in the house and I may start doing that again.

5/8/2015 Friday 8:30 PM, Day 20, 19 days old. Puppies outside all day long. Had my first experience with hot weather. Around 4:15 most puppies had been whining and barking for about 20-30 minutes. It was in the mid 80's. I was hoping for the wind to pick up. They were getting hot. I started to bring them in but the wheelbarrow was so hot I could not touch it. I had a pale of water on top of their shelter and placed it on the ground and held each of the 10 in the cool water for about 30 seconds to a minute and as soon as each was replaced under the shelter they immediately went to sleep. Remember.... To a Lab puppy, a 90 degree day is more dangerous than a 30 degree night. I may leave the puppies in their outside cage with Blondie to nurse during the night. I will put Miss Vader in the cage with her because Blondie is so passive she may not be aggressive enough if things happen while they are outside but Miss Vader has always been her sisters protector and is always between Blondie and trouble so I would know if there is danger around with Miss Vader on guard. Posted 8:50 PM.

5/9/2015 Saturday 8:35 AM, Day 21, 20 days old. Puppies left out last night for the first time. I did not get in bed till 2:05 AM this morning watching them to make sure things were ok. Mama and Miss Vader were in the cage to guard against any thing happening. This morning I let Taka out first, fed her and she put herself back up after her break using the self closing door. I gave her a treat and locked the door then went to the puppy cage. They evidently were well fed and cared for during the night as all were sound asleep with about half laying on their back with all 4 feet sticking up out of the puppy pile. They did not wake up when I let Blondie and Miss Vader out and only later after I had let Baxter and CoCo out did I notice any puppy movement. Several people are to come by to see the puppies today. If you want to see your puppy then call to schedule a time. Strange things are starting to happen again on the farm. I noticed Baxter not interested in the ball this morning and then I remember yesterday that I had thrown the ball several times to Miss Vader and Blondie before he reappeared and took over the ball retrieving game. Today he followed CoCo around the whole time he was out and showed no interest in the ball ??? To be continued......

5/10/2015 Sunday 10:00 AM, Day 22, 21 days old: Mothers Day, half way thru their 6 week pickup time. The puppies spent their 2nd night outside. All went well. Still have Blondie in the cage to nurse the puppies anytime during the night when she is ready and Miss Vader in the cage for protection. Three week puppy weights. Dark Female "Lola"- 4.12, middle Female 3.88, Light Female "Spirit" - 3.21... Males: 3.15, 3.35, 3.68, 3.70, 3.76, 4.16, 4.27. Yesterday was not so hot as the day before and I dipped only three puppies that seemed to be panting in a bucket of water to cool them off. There was a light shower yesterday. Today should be nice. Miss Vader did not like being separated from sister Blondie and would not go into her cage- I finally put her back in with Blondie and the puppies.This is a video of the first dry food meal for the puppies: Blondie-Mothers Day-5-10-2015 This is the first time I have not put any milk on the Purina Puppy Chow for their first several feedings and they seemed to not miss the milk smell.

5/11/2015 Monday 1:45 PM, Day 23, 22 days old: Several puppies are drinking water and eating the Purina Puppy chow.

5/12/2015 Tuesday, Day 24, 23 days old: Puppies let out into big cage three different times. They enjoyed the new areas to explore and the new smells. Most seem to be eating the dry dog food well. The drinking is not progressing as fast as the food. Some will stick their tongue in the water but I have not observed any getting much water.

5/13/2015 Wednesday 9:24 AM, Day 25, 24 days old: All puppies eating the Purina Puppy Chow good except the runt. I put Blondie back in the cage in the kitchen with the runt and when I took him back to the outside cage his belly looked like he had eaten a baseball. Several puppies got out of the small 1 foot high cage yesterday. I plan to relocate the kitchen cage to just outside my bedroom window and keep them in it at least during the night. When they start climbing out of the small cage they require closer monitoring. Well the observation on 5/9/2015 with Baxter getting very interested in CoCo seems to be continuing- She stood for him twice this morning but nothing happened yet. I am still considering putting her with a Chocolate Stud this time. NOTICE: 3:19 PM, If anyone knows of a good Chocolate stud please call me. He must be AKC registered, 2-1/2 to 7 years old, preferably Block Head. If I can find one soon enough I will breed CoCo to him and try for some Chocolates this time, this needs to be done within the next couple of days. P. S. Don't mention this to Baxter, I am sure he already has high hopes. Today I saw all the puppies drinking water I think, some drank for a long time- another hurtle overcome.This is a video of the runt nursing, puppies climbing the fence and, the first water drinking . Blondie, Runt, Fence, Water.

5/14/2015 Thursday 7:39 PM, day 26, 25 days old: Moved a new cage to just outside our bedroom window and finished assembling it around 9PM yesterday. Puppies slept soundly all night with Blondie in their new cage. When I looked out the bedroom window first thing this morning she was up on the elevated pallet for some peace and relaxation from all those sharp teeth and claws. The puppies are all eating and drinking well and required very little attention all day as it was a relatively cool day and they slept most of the day. I did feed them three times today and put mama back in the cage three times although most of the day she was in her normal cage beside the new cage with her sister Miss Vader. Baxter still has plans for CoCo and I have no responses from my Craig's list ad for a Chocolate Stud. I may put an ad on Oodle.

5/15/2015 Friday 5:51 PM, Day 27, 26 days old : Puppies doing great in new enclosure. They were fed puppy chow three times today and gobbled it up. All drinking good. Mama was put in three times to nurse. When I opened the door around 8:45 PM for their last feeding all came charging out and mostly stayed around my feet. It took a while for me to get a clear place to put my feet down so I could go in the cage to put out the food. After all five adults were let out I put Mama in with the puppies for the night- She is ok with being with the puppies or in the next cage with her sister during the night. There will be no visiting the puppies tomorrow as I will be out of town for an air show in Goldsboro and my son will be looking after them. Posted 9:38 PM.

5/16/2015 Saturday, Day 28, 27 days old: no activity- out of town.

5/17/2015 Sunday 8:23 AM, Day 29, 28 days old: Puppies started changing to their final characteristic as puppies on Friday. When I walk by now they raise their head to stare at me and stretch their necks to smell who is there. The most important thing and the most enjoyable thing is they now crowd around my feet, putting their front feet on my legs wanting attention and to be picked up. It is the last natural stage as a puppy and means I will wear long pants more when I let them out due to their sharp claws. Pardon the rear view of the puppy keeper in the following video, If this was not the first filming I would do it again but I do not want to fake it, there is only one first. I also realized when viewing that I had dumped their water out and forgot about it, I weighed the puppies after this video and that is hectic. Here is the video of interacting with the puppies: Blondie 5/17/2015 . Puppy 4 week weights: Females: Dark 5.90, Middle 5.22, Light 4.14. Males: 4.18, 4.87, 5.33, 5.37, 5.42, 6.10. The smallest is now the White Female and the Largest is a Male.

5/18/2015 Monday Day 30, 29 days old: Took two puppies to the Farmers Market for the kids to look at. I let several of the teenagers hold both puppies but had only one being held at the time.

5/19/2015 Tuesday, Day 31, 30 days old: Light rain last night and this morning. The puppies seem to enjoy the cooler weather but at least when they are picked up they will be used to the varying temperatures which is important. They nursed Blondie for a long time yesterday evening but she would not let them nurse this morning. Cabarrus county is sponsoring a Rabies clinic tomorrow where the complete cost is $10 for the rabies shot. The first shot can be given at 8 weeks, then at 1 year, then every three years. The clinic is the most economical way to get the rabies shot.

5/20/2015 Wednesday, Day 32, 31 days old, 7:48 PM: Dipped puppies 4 times today. Several have learned to put their front feet on the door and howl when they want out and that accounts for the extra dipping. Blondie and Miss Vader got their Rabies shot today at $10 ea. Blondie nursed the first time today around 6 PM and I had to scratch her back so she would stay as long as she did. I will start on the pickup schedule shortly. One will be picked up on Friday 29th for a birthday present but all the rest will need to be picked up on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st. If you are a low number and you are getting one of the seven Males, then you will need to pick up your puppy early Saturday to get a choice. The three people getting the females can get them anytime Saturday or Sunday as there are three shades and I know who wants each shade. Be ready for the call maybe starting as early as tonight to see what time you can pick up your puppy.

5/21/2015 Thursday, Day 33, 32 days old, 4:51 PM: All puppy pickup dates that need to be organized have been set and agreed to. One Female does not have a Date/Time but that is no problem as the Females can be picked up anytime Saturday 30th, or Sunday 31st.

5/22/2015 Friday, Day34, 33 days old , 4:44 PM: Blondie 5-22-2015

5/23/2015 Saturday, Day 35, 34 days old. 10:02 AM: All puppies were wormed 9 AM this morning.

5/24/2015 Sunday, Day 35, 34 days old, 8:45 AM: Started 6:30 AM this morning- found CoCo had jumped out of Baxter's cage so let her eat and put back in her cage- put Taka up- let puppies out for break then fed them- then let Blondie and Miss Vader out- petted Blondie while she nursed so she will nurse longer, she nursed for around 4 minutes I would guess- then played with puppies till they got tired and started wandering back to their cage then sprinkled small amount of puppy chow in an metal bowl for sound effects and the rest returned to cage and then shut door- Taka had been out all night guarding the place so let her back out and fed her one can of dog food mixed with dry. Fed Blondie same- fed both old boneless chicken that got old in refrigerator- watched Taka to put back up as soon as she quit feeding so she would not go on a road trip with Blondie- gave Blondie and Miss Vader quickie flea bath then let all but Taka out and went creek to wash off and put back up- let puppies back out- let them run around some more then put up and came in house for morning coffee around 8:35. Had two visitors after church to see their puppy, one small light shade Female and one light shade Male.

5/25/2015 Monday, Day 36, 35 days old, 7:42 AM: Taka out all night as guard, put up. Next let puppies out, fed dry food, then let Blondie out to nurse, then put Blondie and Miss Vader back up so puppies could stay out for exercise and finish potty breaks after getting some milk. One started raising a ruckus from behind me and I turned and saw it in Taka's cage- it had crawled thru a small hole under her enclosure. Taka's door opens to the inside and gravity closes so I pushed it open and went in to retrieve the puppies not realizing the puppies were opening the cage door behind me by pushing on it and all 10 followed me in. What a mess. Taka did not like all those puppies around her and was pushing them back out of her house with her nose. Had a extremely difficult but comical time getting the puppies back out because as soon as I put one back out and reached for another the first would open the door and come back in. I took all 10 to the Farmers Market today since it will be the last time with this litter. Strange things happening on the farm again. Yesterday I noticed Baxter giving some extra attention to Miss Vader, she would have none of that and chased him away and bit him several times which had no effect on Baxter. This morning Baxter was not interested in CoCo anymore and is only following Miss Vader around, he has no morals. CoCo did not like that and still wants in Baxter's cage. It will be around a week before I will put Miss Vader in the cage with Baxter as everyone waits on her to make up her mind. Also, this morning, there was one, two and up to three seconds before Miss Vader turned and chased him away and each day I expect that time to increase. It will normally be a week before she will be ready to breed so I will have to put up with a lot of disagreements, growling, and biting between them until Miss Vader makes up her mind. Baxter has already made his mind up and is working on his game plan. This mornings Videos: Blondie 5/25/2015A , Blondie 5/25/2015B . Forgot to weigh puppies yesterday for the 5 week weights- will try today when wife returns to help. 5 week and 1 Day weights, 9:01 PM; Females: 6.76, 7.40, 8.46. Males: 7.07, 7.14, 7.29, 8.06, 8.13, 8.79, 9.28. It looks like I may have several 10 pounders this time at 6 weeks old and I may start selling them by the pound sometime. That would really blow everybody's mind. They are getting huge.

5/26/2015 Tuesday, Day 37, 36 days old, 8:29 AM: All quiet and normal now. All dogs taken care of and most asleep. Just heard Miss Vader bark one time- she needs back out after eating. Will let her and Blondie out and then puppies and that should take care of the dogs till around noon.

5/27/2015 Wednesday, Day 38, 31 days old: Same old routine, Let out, Feed, Let with mama, and repeat all except mama only nursing one time per day.

5/28/2015 Thursday, Day 39, 38 days old, 12:40 PM: Usual routine. Around 12:20 PM heard a puppy raising cain, it was not at the cage door so did not want to call puppy as all the others would wake up and come. Took a long time with it screaming to get its attention and then when it started towards me it stopped half way and pooped. This was the trouble all along, it did not want to poop in its cage but finally could not hold it any longer. They will be potty trained when you get them if you will only pay attention to its actions all the time it is awake. Ask me how to tell if it needs to poop. As soon as I open the door they all pile out and most pee as soon as they get 5-10 feet from the cage. For all 10 to poop it takes around 15-20 minutes. When I dip them in water it seems to encourage them to potty. When you pick your puppy up you can: 1) Have a non driver hold in in their lap, maybe on a towel, Bring a towel to be rubbed on MaMa to get her smell on it and let the puppy sleep on the towel. 2) Carry it home in a crate that you can reach and pet puppy and have towel in crate. 3) Ask how to carry a puppy. 4) Tell vet the puppies were wormed first and only time 5/23/2015 and has had no shots. 5) Reread link 2 from my home page before coming to pick your puppy up. First puppy to be picked up 9 AM Saturday.

5/29/2015 Friday, Day 40, 39 days old 10:19AM: Blondie 5-29-2015A ,

Blondie 5-29-2015B .

5/30/2015 Saturday, Day 41, 40 days old 3:20 PM: Noticed Blondie throwing up again today and had noticed last several days. Thought she may be sick but just realized she only does it around her puppies so she is regurgitating food for her little ones. Miss Vader does this each litter but this is the first time I have noticed Blondie doing it but this is also the first litter I have seen Blondie bring back an animal, baby rabbit, for her litter. Seven puppies already picked up. One will be picked up at 8 PM this evening and the last two tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Two already picked up weighed over ten pounds with the largest being 11.66 pounds. That is a very very big puppy one day short of being six weeks old. When told to kennel up yesterday, Miss Vader went into Baxter's cage for the first time this round but only stayed less than a minute and changed her mind, imagine that ?, and snapped at him so I let her back out. This morning she went in with him and stayed all day..... Stay tuned.

5/31/2015 Sunday, Day 42, 41 days old 10:28 AM: Last puppy picked up 10 AM. I will probably start a new web page for CoCo's and Miss Vader's pregnancy and it will be link 3E from my home page.

6/1/2015 Monday: I have had several pictures emailed to me of my puppies. All reports and pictures have been great. I plan to redo my web pages starting tonight. Hopefully it will make it easier to navigate.


The following is copied from the May 2014 litter. I think it is very appropriate and I may include it in all future litter updates. This generally happens when the puppy is about 3-1/2 to 4 weeks old:

Sitting in the kitchen watching TV with my back close to the puppy cage it seemed one puppy was very unhappy. I finally looked around and a Black was standing on its back legs with its front legs on the cage just behind me and I realized it wanted picked up. This is a normal development phase but the first time a puppy does it in each litter it is very special. This act is the beginning of a lifetime of faithfully service, not only wanting to be fed, scratched, and played with, but to risk its life to protect its human family. I picked it up, rubbed its ears and scratched its chest and the base of the tail and it seemed satisfied. I put it back down in the cage and it quietly started snuggling up to the others and went to sleep. It is the dog that most contributed to the rapid wide spread success of the human race. It is the dog that is not afraid of the dark and when a noise is heard beyond the light of the campfire, it is the dog that will hear the noise first and not only alert the possibly sleeping humans, but will go out into the darkness where the early humans would not go and challenge an intruder even at the risk of its own life. Mark Twain, "Samuel Clemens ", said, " If dogs can not go to Heaven, then I want to go where dogs go."



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