Baxter , Born 6-20-2012 . I plan to use him as the stud for the 2014 Summer litter .

I got Baxter Sunday 6-16-2013. Web page created 6-18-2013 Tue. Updated 07/29/2014.

Baxter has been DNA checked and his DNA is registered with the AKC. If you breed a stud three times in one year or seven times in his lifetime, then before any further breeding is allowed, a DNA sample must be sent in to the AKC so now Baxter is good for breeding the rest of his life.

9860-375 6-18-13 Tue. 11 months old. He likes all my girls but the two MaMa's chase him away when he gets near there puppies. He has not quite got the hang of MaMa's and there puppie yet . 9866-375 6-18-13 Tue. Kept Collar and leash on all the time until taking these pictures. Removed leash but he will wear a collar for a while longer or until he gets a microchip.
9871-375 6-18-13 Tue. I have only had Baxter 2 days but he seems to be very friendly. 9874-375 6-18-13 Tue. At first he did not know what to think of the creek we go to 2-3 times a day but now he is the first one in.
9875-375 6-18-13 Tue. He does not bring the thrown stick back yet, Only wants to show my four girls he has it. 9887-375 6-18-13 Tue. Baxter has not filled out yet and still acts like a puppy, always out front but stops and looks back to make sure the girls are following.
9890-375 6-18-13 Tue. He has dirt on his hips from rain last night that made the dog pen muddy at the door where he likes to lay .  
Click here for Video on three year old Baxter, Baxter
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