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NOTE : This update started on Saturday, 2/13/2016 for Blondie's expected litter coming around April 11th. She should show around March 16th.


23FEB2016 Tuesday : For the 25th year in a row the Lab has been named "AKC's Americas favorite dog, and from the registration count their first place is not likely to change anytime soon."


10FEB2016 Wed : Blondie bred the first time around 9:30 AM.

12FEB2016 Fri: Blondie bred for the 2nd time around 10:00 AM and brought back home.

1/22/2016 Friday: Blondie trapped on guardrail: My wife and I were at the beach celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and I called back home and told my son to drop the corner of the dog pen cover next to the hangar to relieve the snow weight on the tarp. Later, Blondie used the dropped corner to climb on top of the tarp but when she got to the top and was standing on the guard rail, there was no clear place for her to jump down and she did not want to go back down the slick tarp so she was stuck. My son had go out and lift her off the guard rail and put her back up. She did not do it again.        
...................Help! ..............................................I messed up didn't I. .....................I will not do it again.        
3/2/2016 Wednesday; At three weeks. Nothing happening or expected to happen.        
3/9/2016 Wednesday; At four weeks. Next week Blondie may start showing.        

3/16/2016 Wednesday; At five weeks, Blondie seems to be getting a small baby bump. My guessing at the 5 week date is not very good as a dog's tummy can grow or shrink according to how much they eat, my dogs have food available 24/7. Dogs are hunter - scavengers so they can eat a lot when food is available, especially meat. After eating all the meat they can hold, even a male looks pregnant. Next week should tell for Blondie.

3/23/2016 Wednesday; Well at the six week date, Blondie is going to have some more of those beautiful Yellow Lab puppies. She is showing a very good baby bump. They should arrive around Monday April 11th and be ready for their new homes around May 23rd.

3/30/2016 Wednesday, 3:30 PM; Blondie is starting to to look very obviously pregnant. I do not remember her in the past looking so large at the 7 week date. She had 10 and raised 10 on each of her last two litters. Everything seems to be going normally.



4/6/2016 Wednesday; At 8 weeks, Blondie is getting huge, when she sits on the back porch looking thru the sliding glass door at me, she is starting to look like she has another 10 in her. The updates will start to be more frequent. I will prepare a place in the kitchen for her and the little ones probably on Saturday and will maybe bring her in Sunday. On her last litter while on break, she disappeared and I located her under the hangar digging a hole but she came out when I called and I returned her to the kitchen. The next day I had a difficult time getting her to come out from the hangar and the next day she had ten beautiful yellow lab puppies and did not loose any. Now would be a good time to click on puppy update 3 and see the first puppy born in Blondie's last litter from the Spring of 2015.

4/9/2016 Saturday, 12 Noon; Kitchen table moved, Rubber backed mats laid on floor, large beach type towels placed on top of mats, eight sided pin assembled on towels. Blondie is brushed off, cleaned, and brought into house. Baby watch is on.

4/10/2016 Sunday, 8:51AM; Blondie seems to be in labor. Day 1, 0 days old. This is day 60, or 59 days since breeding. I show delivery day as day one but they will not be a day old till the next day. I have to keep a constant watch on her while she is out for her breaks because she wants to go to the hangar and dig a hole in the dirt to have her puppies and if she does, they are sometimes hard to get back out. Dogs prefer dirt to all else to sleep or have their babies. They can make the hole conform to their body requirements as their requirements change. Stay tuned! 9:11AM, Blondie has not eaten today, not even the small amount of cat food, hot dogs,or anything else I sometimes use as a treat. 2:19 PM Baby girl!!!!!!! , 3:52 2nd girl, 6:21 PM Male . At 1:19 AM Monday morning, #10 was born. I have lost count of the girls and boys so I will post later. This may be the last post tonight as 10 is Blondie's usual number. I will wake my wife up around 4 AM to take over the puppy watch. From first to last puppy on my puppy watch was eleven hours exactly. I will post the first video later today after I get some sleep- I would probably mess it up now as I am needing sleep.



4/11/2016 Monday, 9:31 AM, Day 2, 1 day old ; Well Blondie ended up with 10 healthy, beautiful Yellow Lab puppies. Six girls and 4 boys. The 11th puppy was born sometime after I went to bed around 4AM when my wife took over the puppy watch. That made the delivery over 14 hours long. 90% of the worry and stress is over with now. I will separate the boys and girls later to get an accurate count of each and will then let the two groups feed separately to make sure all are nursing. I hope to post a short video later today. Six towels were washed this morning which starts the long process of trying to keep fresh towels for the babies to lay on. The puppies will probably be moved outside sometime after their eyes open at 14 days old. There is a pen against the house under our bedroom window so they can be monitored at night. First video: Blondie first video 4/11/2016



4/12/2016 Tuesday, 4:43 PM, Day 3, 2 days old ; Well things are getting groggy from lack of sleep. I had the first puppy watch Sunday night and Monday night. Got in bed 4:05 AM Monday morning and 4:20 AM this morning. My wife takes over when I go to bed. All is well with the ten puppies. Blondie went out for the first time since early Sunday morning, sometime around 5 AM this morning, while my wife was on duty and has gone out twice on my watch since then. All babies are nursing well but the runt is put on by itself several times each day to insure it gets enough milk, I looked previously and I think the runt is a female but I will have to look again to be sure as I forgot which it is. Later found out it was a Male which means it may not be the runt for long. A Female runt will always be small, but when the big T kicks in, a Male can grow tremendously. The previous Guinness book of records listed the largest dog in the world as a Male Great Dane and was he was picked as the runt of the litter so they would have a smaller dog. George died in 2015 at age nine I think.

4/14/2016 Thursday, 10:15 AM, Day 5, 4 days old ; All is well for the puppy watch. Got in bed 3:50 AM this morning. Blondie drinking tremendous amounts of water to keep enough milk for the ten little ones. Here is latest video posted today around 1:30 PM. Blondie's 10, 4-14-16


4/15/2016 Friday, 8:15 AM, Day 6, 5 days old ; All is well with the puppies. 10:55 AM; Male weights in pounds: 0.95, 1.68, 1.86, 1.92, total 6.41, average 1.60. Female weights 1.36, 1.40, 1.42, 1.54, 1.56, 1.58, total 8.86, average 1.48. Total litter weight 15.27 pounds at 4-1/2 days old. Noticed this morning that several noses and foot pads are starting to turn Black. Blondie's last litter were all Black nosed labs. When let out for her break, MaMa now stays out a lot longer for some quiet time.

4/16/2016 Saturday, Day 7, 6 days old; Fairly quiet day. Latest video Blondie 4/16/2016 .

4/17/2016 Sunday, 7:21 PM, Day 8, 7 days old ; Went to bed 4:20 AM this morning. The puppies are getting big enough to start leaving for longer periods so someone may not stay up with them all night from now on. All the puppies will have black noses and foot pads. Click here Link #1 or near the bottom of my Home page to learn about the color variety in the Yellow Labs.

4/18/2016 Monday 8:40 PM;, Day 9, 8 days old All is well with the puppies. MaMa is spending more time outside sleeping and enjoying the quiet. Below is picture of Daddy.

Daddy a Daddy

4/19/2016 Tuesday 2:20 PM, Day 10, 9 days old ; Puppy registration sent in to AKC today. It usually takes five days to get the papers back. 7:35 PM - MaMa is outside on the back porch getting some well deserved quiet time. 8:12 PM - Click the following link for latest video of Blondie getting her belly scratched. Belly scratch .

4/20/2016 Wednesday, Day 11, 10 days old All is well. Today's video: Blondie's puppies .

4/21/2016 Thursday, Day 12, 11 days old ; Puppies getting more active and bigger.

4/22/2016 Friday 10:01 AM, , Day 13, 12 days old; The puppies eyes should start to open over the weekend. Their eyes will still be cloudy and it will take a while for them to figure out what they are seeing but it is still the next to last physical change to occur. All their eyes will be a beautiful Blue until they change to their respective colors around week four- it is a very gradual change and is hard to designate an exact age.

4/23/2016 Saturday, 9:58 PM, Day 14, 13 days old; First video of individual puppies being held outside, some liked it more than others. click here, First eye open You can subscribe to me on you tube and be notified by email when I post a new video. Some of the puppies are making a very loud high pitched yelp when I surprise them by picking them up.

4/24/2016 Sunday, 7:28 PM, Day 15, 14 days old; At two weeks old, as expected, all the puppies eyes that I have checked have opened to a varying degree. I do not know what they see but they seem to be able to find MaMa better and not going off in the wrong way. I have made several calls for a deposit that went unanswered, Those calls will be tried again this evening and again Monday but after that I will start moving down the list. Read the notice below. Many of the puppies are making the loud high pitched yelp now when things do not go their way, it gets attention from me but MaMa seems to ignore it.

4/25/2016 Monday, 12:18 AM, Day 16, 15 days old; Just noticed several puppies pulling their legs under them and walking with their belly off the ground rather than sliding across the floor on their belly. I had forgot about this development change. At around 4 weeks the puppies will start responding to me walking up to them and calling out " Puppy ". They will look towards me and when the first moves towards me, All of them will run towards me, see Blondie's litter update from the Spring of 2015. At 15-1/2 days old the heaviest? Male weighs 3.76 pounds and the smallest Male at 2.29 pounds. I did not weigh all the Males is why the question mark but I think I got the heaviest. An additional cage has been placed on the back porch so MaMa can get away from the puppies for some rest but still not be loose. She stands up in either cage when she needs out for her break. Last several nights I have been going to bed between 1AM and 2AM so I am not doing too bad in getting my sleep. I normally go to bed between 10PM and 11 PM. Today's video, probably last inside as shortly I plan to move them outside. Blondie 4-25-16

4/26/2016 Tuesday, 9:20 AM, Day 17, 16 days old; Well windows 10 is still acting up more and more as time goes by. One of my worst computer decisions I have ever made was upgrading to 10. Windows 10's own browser, edge, has stopped working but Firefox and Google Chrome still work so I can for now keep my web page going. If the updates stop you can still call for information. What kind of idiot would take a good system with windows 7, and with every change make something worse. But,,,,, the puppies are doing great. Got AKC registration papers today! Made one more inside video: Blondie 4-26-16

4-27-2016 Wednesday, 3:06 PM, Day 18, 17 days old; The puppies are getting big and LOUD. When they decide to yell, they can hurt your ears, a very piercing high pitched yelp. When it cools down, I may load the little red wagon up with puppies and haul them outside so they can feel the grass and check out the new smells. 6 PM; Things are starting to really change with the puppies. 1) I saw all of them I think nursing while Blondie was standing- this was a first. This enables all 10 to nurse at one time. 2) They had their first trip outside and laid in the grass for about an hour and seemed to enjoy it. 3) I have either received all deposits or they are in transit in the mail. Those that missed out on a puppy this round may have another chance if I do not receive any of the deposits but, if not, I would like to know if you want to stay on the list for future puppies. Remember there is no obligation to get on the list till a deposit is sent in. Following is two of today's videos of the puppies first trip outdoors : http://youtu.be/rUUKIm6Fsx4 , http://youtu.be/WPAybl0YiN0 .

4-28-2016 Thursday, 4:43 PM, Day 19, 18 days old; One family stopped by to see the puppies and drop their deposit off on a Male. All is well with the puppies. As of today's mail run I have received 5 of the 10 deposits. The remainder are supposed to be en route in the mail. Offered some water for the first time but no takers- one did stick its tongue back in the water twice, I will try again tomorrow and plan to get some Purina Puppy Chow tomorrow- it is getting that time and when they start eating it will reduce the load on MaMa.

4-29-2016 Friday, 1:17 PM, Day 20, 19 days old; First tussle fight between two of the puppies. When I am close to the cage and call out puppy some look my direction which is also a first.

4-30-2016 Saturday,Day 21, 20 days old; One family visit today to check on the puppies. The puppies are starting to be much more vocal and will growl and bark quite often now.

5-1-2016 Sunday, Day 22, 21 days old; Another family to visit today. MaMa mostly nurses standing up now so I have to be sure the smallest gets his fair share, it is harder to hang on when you can barely reach the lunch counter.

5-2-2016 Monday, 8:15 AM, Day 23, 22 days old. Another family visit scheduled for today. All puppies doing good. I have been busy with the deposits and forgot to upload the additions to the update page. I will add videos of the puppies feeding and drinking water later today. If you have not been assigned a pickup time you need to call me at 7O4 773 OOO6, Do NOT Text or Email. Today's video: Blondie's eating-drinking. . Puppies in food bowl. .

5-3-2016 Tuesday,Day 24, 23 days old; Took puppies out in the little red wagon twice. They are starting to explore more and not be concerned about wandering off by themselves. I saw one fall asleep in the grass ten feet from all the others.

5-4-2016 Wednesday, 9:01 AM, Day 25, 24 days old; Three firsts for today, 1) Saw the first puppy running and it did a good job. 2) I also noticed no noise and started counting seconds from about 5 seconds and counted up to 29 seconds, which is a new record, with no noises coming from the puppies. This is the longest stretch of silence I have noticed and this time will gradually increase as the puppies get older. 3) At about 11:30 AM all the puppies were moved to, hopefully, their permanent cage outside under our bedroom window. If this works out our work load will greatly reduced as there will be no more towels to wash. MaMa has a sun shelter she can get on top of to get some relief from all those hungry mouths but still be there with her puppies so she will not have to be let out as often. There is a tarp sun shade over the entire pen.

5-5-2016 Thursday, 9:17 AM, Day 26, 25 days old; Another first- All puppies survived staying out all night last night. It was a very poor choice of nights as it was colder that it had been in a month and rainy. Very nerve racking, like a parent letting their teenager take the car out by them self the first time. This morning they were in one big pile next to the door and that small area is the only place not covered by the top tarp. Light rain started around 7:45 and they were getting wet but had not learned to move under the tarp so I fed and relocated them. All seems quiet out there now.

5-6-2016 Friday, 11:31 AM, Day 27, 26 days old; I was concerned about the low temperature last night but this morning the puppy's seem to be enjoying it. Most of the time they have taken over the hole MaMa dug for herself. They know where the water is and have started to look at the food bowls as they hear the noise as I an filling them. They will soon start to get excited when I shale the coffee can full of food before I dump it in their bowl.

5-7-2016 Saturday, 8:14 AM, Day 28, 27 days old: Latest video: Blondie 5-7-2016 . Puppies can be viewed all day today. While Lori and family was here at 10:15 AM visiting the puppies, Miss Vader started barking- There were two Male Rat snakes right beside us in the grass fighting for territory and here is their video: I had to move them 3 times to keep them away from the dog cages. Click the following Male Rat snakes fighting .

5-8-2016 Sunday, Day 29, 28 days old; All well with the puppies.

5-9-2016 Monday, Day 30, 29 days old; All is well with the puppies.

5-10-2016 Tuesday, 10:00 AM Day 31, 30 days old; Latest video ; Blondie 5-10-2016 . 7:45 AM, Puppies let out first time for break, put back up and fed dry Purina puppy chow, let back out for break, put back up, let back out for breakfast with MaMa, put back up, let back out for break, they will probably stay up till around noon, finished uploading video 9:50, uploaded this update 10:01, busy day so far.

5-11-2016 Wednesday, Day 32, 31 days old; All is well.

5-12-2016 Thursday, Day 33, 32 days old 9:44 AM; Blondie 5/12/2016

5-13-2016 Friday, Day 34, 33 days old; Puppies doing great.

5-14-2016 Saturday, Day 35, 34 days old; All puppies again have deposits on them. I can move some of the Male puppy pickup times ahead by one hour if the people agree to it and I can get in contact with the required people. Right now I am having trouble contacting people which may mean someone will loose their place in line for their puppy, adequate communication is one of the requirements for getting one of my puppies.

5-15-2015 Sunday, Day 36, 35 days old 9:15 AM; Latest video : Blondie 5/15/2016 . I am having trouble contacting one of the people scheduled to get a Yellow Male - If unable to contact in the next several days the puppy will again become available, Keep current on this page. Preference will be given to those that are getting a puppy from this litter and want a second puppy, otherwise I will start down my list again.


5-16-2016 Monday, Day 37, 36 days old 9:24 AM; Very important video on how to pick your puppy up. Watch the video several times. Show it to your kids daily until they learn it. Watch your kids handling the puppy and remind them they can hurt the puppy and may do permanent damage that may not show up for years or even into old age. Caution your friends on how to pick your puppy up. Do not let visiting parents with their kids just run over to your puppy and start playing with it. WATCH THEM, SHOW THEM. Puppy pickup video : How to pick puppy up

5-17-2016 Tuesday, Day 38, 37 days old, 10:15 PM; Today's video: Blondie 5-17-2016

5-18-2016 Wednesday, Day 39, 38 days old; All ok.

5-19-2016 Thursday, Day 40, 39 days old; Tomorrow will be busy. remaining puppies to be picked up starting 8:30 AM.

5-20-2016 Friday, Day 41, 40 days old, 4:05 PM; Last puppy picked up and he is headed to West Virginia. Remember: The next puppies that I will have that are ready to sell will be sometime after mid September 2016. End of updates.




Posted : 4-29-2016 1:41 PM.

Update(s) : 5/5/16 1:25 PM ;;; 5/6/16 11:16 ;;; 5/12/16 9:42 AM.


NOTICE 2 : All puppies have a deposit as of 12 Noon 5-14-2015 ! NOTICE: I am having trouble contacting one of the people scheduled to get a Yellow Male - If unable to contact in the next several days the puppy will again become available, Keep current on this page. Preference will be given to those that are getting a puppy from this litter and want a second puppy, otherwise I will start down my list again.


NOTICE 4 :The puppies can be picked up Friday the 20th, 2016 from 8:00 AM until 12 noon.

NOTICE 5 : Remember: 1) The registration papers will be filled out and delivered to you when the puppy is picked up on the 20th. 2) The deposit check bank information will be returned to you- I will keep the remainder of the check with the name and address. 3) The only acceptable payment will be in five- $100 bills- no other form of payment will be accepted so be prepared. 4) Remember- NO buckets of any size are to be in the cage, house, yard, or anywhere that the puppy can get in and drown. Be sure to always have water. Be sure to ALWAYS, ALWAYS have shade.