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This page started 6/7/2015 for CoCo's litter born 7-18-2015!


6/7/2015 Sunday : CoCo was put with Baxter the week of May 20th. If the breeding was successfully, then following is her time line on the expected puppies. She should start showing an enlarged tummy around 6/14/2015. She should deliver between 7/18/2015 and 7/25/2015. Her puppies will be ready for their new homes between 8/29/2015and 9/4/2015. I did not witness a confirmed mating so the pickup date will be revised after the babies come.

6/9/2015 Tuesday 7:36 AM; Well things are back to normal on the farm if you can call it normal around here. Baxter as of today has lost all interest in the girls and now only wants to retrieve the ball which helps greatly when it is time to put him back up. After several retrieves this morning he took his ball and took it to his pin and the only thing I had to do was drop the pin in the latch, great. For most of the last several months I had to put something around his neck and struggle to get him back in his pen, he did not want to leave the girls. None of my dogs have collars on them so voice commands are all that is used until breeding time and then all the rules and training go out the window and nature has full control.

6/17/2015 Wednesday 9:58 AM; I hope things are progressing as planned. I will not know the status of Coco for several more weeks. After they start showing the updates will be become more frequent. Coco seems to be eating more and that is unusual with the all time record breaking 100+ degree weather the last several days. Normally in extremely hot weather they eat very little. I took Coco, Blondie, Miss Vader, and Baxter to the creek three times yesterday. For the first time Coco stayed in deep water most of the time either standing or swimming. She normally just wades in the creek.

6/21/2015 Sunday 4:51 PM; Well CoCo seems to be getting a tummy. I noticed this morning as I watched her sitting on the back porch that things seem to be happening. CoCo is a big girl and can hide the puppies longer than my other girls.

6/23/2015 Tuesday; Click on CoCo's information on my HOME page to see what her belly looked like in one of the previous litters. Miss Vader is not showing yet !

7/2/2015 Thursday 11:49 AM; CoCo is progressing normally. She is still loving to swim in the creek that runs by the house and seems to enjoy the water more than ever.

7/8/2015 Wednesday 2:46 PM; Things still looking good for CoCo. It is 95 degrees outside and we will head to the creek after this post.

7/13/2015 Monday 10:30PM; This is the start of the videos on CoCo's expected litter due around the 22nd of this month. It is of a visit to the creek to cool off. Click the following link. http://youtu.be/t9pMpzb_1Ak .

7/17/2015 Friday 10:07AM; CoCo is getting very big and appears to be getting ready to nurse a lot of puppies. She has moved some dirt around underneath her shelter and is starting to anticipate some puppies coming. I usually bring the expectant mothers in the house to monitor the delivery but the last time CoCo did not want to stay in the house and got very upset and so I let her back out. I may wait until she settles down around day day 2 or 3 to bring her into the house.

7/18/2015 Saturday 9:25 AM; Let Taka out first, as usual, around 7:20 AM, fed, she stayed out around 15 minutes and went back to her cage for her treat. Next let the two sisters, Miss Vader and Blondie, out. Then went around the house to CoCo's cage and opened her door- she did not come out, looked under the shelter and saw puppies everywhere. Shut door, put Blondie and her sister Miss Vader back up. Got wife and son and we started a mad rush to get a puppy cage in the kitchen. The rug from the airplane hangar was first, two rubber backed mats from carport were next, two layers of towels from the puppy bag came next, then the cage with puppy guard was retrieved from the back yard as the last item. Went to CoCo's cage to get the puppies, found five Blond(e)s and two Blacks- Unbelievably difficult in getting puppies from under a 4'x8' shelter only 12 inches off the ground with mama always wanting to be between me and her precious puppies. Finally got all seven puppies and brought everybody into kitchen, fed CoCo two cans dog food, 3 hot dogs offered water but did not drink, and after 2 hours things have finally settled down. I should have got a litter weight when CoCo went out for a brief time but forgot and will do later. Following are the first videos. CoCo first puppie video. , CoCo 2nd puppy Video. . 10:02 AM - There is one Black Male, one Black Female, two Yellow (Blonde) Females, and three Yellow (Blond) Males. Two additional puppies came later, one at 1:02 PM, a Black Male, and one at 1:40 PM, a Yellow Female. The move to the kitchen, even though it went well, must have stopped the delivery for a while. Now the total is nine, six Yellows and three Blacks. Two Blonde Females, four Blond Males, one Black Female, and two Black Males. This is probably the final count. Will try for a family video later today. 8:00 PM; Total weight of all 9 puppies at 12 hours old is 7.09 pounds which is an average of 12.6 ounces each or 0.78777 pounds each. They should weigh over 11 times this much at six weeks of age and some may weigh as much as 15 times this average weight at 6 weeks. This may be the last update for today, I am tired. Either my wife or me will be up all night watching the puppies. Keep your fingers crossed for all the puppies to survive their first night.

7/19/2015 Sunday 9AM; Day2, 1 Day old; CoCo 7-19-2015 . 7:30 AM, I have one Blonde Female not nursing well. Have removed all the other puppies to help her get more milk and purchased Esbilac to try getting something in her tummy. After struggling all day we lost the Blonde Female at 7:10 PM. House is very sad.

7/22/2015 Wednesday Day 5, 4 days old, 4:05 PM; This is a very trying litter. We have lost three puppies evidently due to CoCo not being able to feed nine puppies. She usually has six or less. The reason for the slow updates is we have been trying to bottle feed and even use a feeding tube but nothing has worked so far. The remaining six are well, full, and happy and I do not expect any more loses. Here is the latest video taken around 3:30 PM today. CoCo 7-22-2015 .


7/23/2015 Tuesday Day 6, 5 days old 12:58 PM; ::: VERY IMPORNTANT ::: The people still looking for a puppy need to check back in with an email. I will start calling for the deposits around 9:00 AM on Friday 7/31/2015. If you will be unable to answer your phone on Friday, let me know what time you will be available to answer your phone. It will really help to put my cell 7O4-773-OOO6 and home 7O4-455-2754 in your contacts so you will know it is me calling. If you signed up for a Yellow Female there is only one left and it has been clamed by someone on the list for a long time. Anyone wanting to change the color or sex of what you requested to what might be available can do it.


Took dogs to creek and CoCo went with us for the first time since the puppies came. After returning I dried her with a towel and let her back in the kitchen to feed her puppies. The remaining six are doing great and I am so relieved. The only thing to worry about now is the puppy getting rolled on by mama and there is not much that can be done about that. That rarely happens when there are only six puppies.

7/24/2015 Friday, Day 7, 6 days old, 9:59 PM; Finally the puppies are all feeling like they should, round, solid, and getting strong. As of now they are doing great and the relief from the worrying I have done lately has returned to a normal value. There will always be some amount of concern but it will diminish again after the puppies eyes open. They are still relatively helpless till their eyes open and can quickly find mama by themselves. Several times today I have found one crawling the wrong way and picked it up and put back with mama. They would eventually find her on their own but it is so nerve raking for a human to watch a hungry puppy going the wrong way. Up to 24 or 36 hours old the mama will get upset if a puppy rolls or crawls the wrong way away from her but now she seems unconcerned as if she is thinking, relief for a short time. Being able to see makes life so much easier.

7/25/2015 Saturday, Day 8, 7 days old or 1 week old, 8:48 AM; All puppies doing good. One week weights at 12 Noon: BF 1.08, BM(s) 1.03, 1.23, YF 1.16, YM(s) 0.97, 1.03. total for the litter of 6 is 6.5 pounds. Average for the litter of 6 is 1.08 pounds. Uploaded 12:19 PM.

7/26/2015 Sunday Day 9, 8 days old, 2:57 PM; Latest videos: CoCo 7/24/2015 , Coco 7-25-2015 , Coco 7-26-2015A .

7/27/2015 Monday, Day 10, 9 days old, 11:09 AM; I will start calling for the deposits on Friday after 9:00 AM and will post when a deposit has been promised on the puppies and if there are any with no deposits promised yet and which will be available for a call in. Today's videos of the two Females. The Black was taken out first but left outside when I had to return to the house to get the camera memory card so it was getting a little upset it had been out so long by itself. CoCo's two Females.

7/29/2015 Wednesday, Day 12, 11 days old, 8;15 PM; Following is today's videos: Coco video 7-29-2015 

7/31/2015 Friday, Day 14, 13 days old, 11:21 AM; One of the Black Males has his left eye partially open. I expect all will have at least one eye open by tomorrow when they will be two weeks old.

8/1/2015 Saturday, Day 15, 14 days old, 9:15 PM; Two week puppy weights: BM 1.96, BM 2.11, BF 1.78. YM 1.71, YM 1.82, YF 1.78. Following are two videos : CoCo 7-31-2015 , Coco 8-1-2015-Roxy and Lily. Page uploaded 10:49 PM.

8/3/2015 Monday, Day 17, 16 days old, 6:21 PM; All puppies doing good. Did not take any puppies to the farmers market due to the hot temperature but I plan to start taking them outside this week and if they get used to the heat than I may take some next Monday. There were several kids stopping by asking where the puppies were. I have received the deposit on both Females LILY and ROXY. Today's video: CoCo 8-3-2015 . You can subscribe to me on you tube and get a notification when I post new videos.

8/4/2015 Tuesday, Day 18, 17 days old, 3:50 PM; Puppies got their first flea bath this morning. Made video of them getting warm outside in the sun. Gave CoCo a flea bath and went to the creek to wash her off- the water was low and a tree had fallen in the creek so she did not get washed off good and I finished the wash job at the house with a hose from the rain barrel. Today's video: Somehow the video got speeded up. First puppy flea bath.

8/5/2015 Wednesday, Day 19, 18 days old, 4:53 PM; The puppies are changing. They all stand on all 4 legs to walk now instead of crawling. Some of them are still a little shaky when crossing un even ground. They bark occasionally and I heard the Yellow Female, Lola, growling at another puppy that was trying to move her from her feeding station. The last two days they are a lot better at relaxing when they are picked up. Also if they are moving and I start to scratch their chest they stop as if they enjoy it. Baxter has really been checking Blondie out lately and Blondie growled at her sister Miss Vader for mounting her yesterday so even though I have seen no signs that Blondie is coming in heat, Baxter is usually my most reliable source. The updates may slow some as my wife left for Seattle, WA for two weeks to visit with the grand kids and I will be busy.

8/7/2015 Friday, Day 21, 20 days old 10:04 PM; The puppies are changing very quickly. They raise their heads and look around now when mama comes or goes and when they hear my voice. They look but can not interpret what they see very well yet. Several are barking and it is a very sharp, crisp bark similar to when an adult dog is surprised, similar to a yelp. Sometimes it even seems to surprise the one that barked. So far I have received deposits on both Females and both Black Males. The two Yellow Males have no deposits yet.

8/8/2015 Saturday, Day 22, 21 days old or three weeks, 8:38 AM; Well today will be busy with the puppies. They have been weighed: Lily is 2.44, the two Yellow Males are 2.28 and 2.46, Roxy is 2.60 and the two Black Males, Hunter and Onyx are 2.79 and 2.84. All the adult dogs have been fed and let out once. Blondie, Miss Vader, and CoCo have had their truck ride around the block and Taka has been let out for the second time. I will see if the puppies will eat any Purina puppy chow and offer then their first taste of water today. I will keep close check on the puppies while they are out. They were brought back inside at 11:05A due to the heat. 9:47 PM- Did not try water and food today, will do tomorrow.

8/9/2015 Sunday, Day 23, 22 days old, 2:38 PM; Puppies outside playing in the fresh dirt mama had dug up, Brought back in around 11 AM due to heat. Tried water but they not interested. They usually start drinking the first day after there first food. Here is the video of the first feeding around 1:00 PM today. First food

8/10/15 Monday, Day 23, 22 days old, 10:05 AM; Puppies outside around 7 AM, it is cloudy so they may stay outside most of the day. Took one of the Yellow Males to visit my 95 year old aunt around 8:30A. At least one of the puppies sampled some water this morning as expected. They usually will start drinking water the next morning after they eat their first dry dog food because the food absorbs water from them and I was surprised there were so few takers this morning. I will take both Yellow Males to the Farmers Market 3-6P today for the kids to play with.

8/11/2015 Tuesday, Day 24, 23 days old, 1:20 PM; The puppies are really changing. They have changed more in the last three days than all the time since they were born. When they hear me call "puppy" , or mama comes or leaves they all raise up on their front legs and look around. I hope Coco has stopped losing so much of her hair. I put some mineral oil on it this morning to help relieve the dry skin. I took all but Taka to the creek and so Coco is now outside drying off. The puppies were outside from 8-1 but started getting hot and making lots of noise so they are back in the house now, asleep. They ate a good bit of puppy chow this morning and several drank some water. The parents of Onyx and Hunter, the two Black Males, will come by tomorrow for the second time to see their little ones. First water video and third day of some of the puppies eating, Drinking and eating.

8/12/2015 Wednesday, Day 25, 24 days old, 8:31 PM; Another first- the puppies stayed outside all last night. They also stayed out all day today and will stay out all night tonight. Their towels that were used to cover the large piece of carpet used to protect the kitchen wood floor are still outside on the clothes line airing out. Hopefully they will not need to be used again but I will leave everything set up in the kitchen in case something happens. The puppy cage is against the house just outside two of my bedroom windows. I have taken the screen off so I can stick my head out and look straight down into the cage if needed. The puppies vision is still getting better but they still can not see much, it will be another week before they know I am there unless I call out "puppy". Their initial primary sense is smell but they have also been using hearing lately, the sight will be becoming more useful soon.

8/15/2015 Saturday, Day 28, 27 days old, 8:49 AM; Well the puppies have reached their last development stage. They now all crowd around and between my feet and put their front paws on my legs when I enter the cage. I gave them four hands full of puppy chow this morning and will post a video later of them. They ate almost all of it and mama finished it off when I let her back in. Mama has started to put some hair back on where she lost it due to the stress. Blondie's coat that had thinned due to her last litter has filled back out now, I took a video of her eating this morning and will later post to her web page. I also took more video of the creek trip this morning. They ate around four more hands full of puppy chow around 7PM. 8:00 PM - I registered the current litter of puppies with the AKC. It usually takes around a week to receive the registration papers. I have more video but am tired and will post tomorrow.

8/19/2015 Wednesday, Day 32, 31 days old, 7:52 AM; I have not posted lately- Wife in Seattle with Grand kids so have been busy while I stayed here to watch puppies. Catchup video- taken 8-(13-15)-2015 of puppies in cage. Coco 8-15-2015 . Latest video of past several days; Coco 8-15-2015A . And for you that have nothing better to do, here is some creek videos of all my adult dogs except Taka; Creek trip. Taka can only be let out by herself or with Coco because she will take the other dogs thru the woods on a road trip and will be gone many hours, the record is 12-1/2, while crossing roads, highways and railroads. Taka and CoCo will not go off together as each wants to be top girl and there is some animosity between them but there has never been a fight, only ugly looks.

8/21/2015 Friday, Day 34, 33 days old, 9:59 AM; Video from 8/20/2015 CoCo 8-20-2015 . Video 8/-21-2015 , CoCo 8-21-2015 .

8/22/2015 Saturday, Day 36, 35 days old, 10:54 AM; Revised days old- must have miss counted somewhere. This mornings videos. Coco 8-22-2015 . Extra video of Baxter, Miss Vader and Blondie retrieving the ball. Blondie, Miss Vader, Baxter retrieving . Important notice: The AKC registration papers on this litter were received yesterday.

8/23/2015 Sunday, Day 37, 36 days old, 6:20 PM; As of 3:30 PM today I have a deposit on all six puppies. If interested in a puppy from the next or following litters please fill out the FORM on my web site. It will also help you if any of the deposits are forfeited but for me that has never happened. I forgot to weigh the puppies for their 5 week weights yesterday but will try to do it later today.

8/24/2015 Monday, Day 38, 37 days old, 7:59 PM; Puppy pickup is Saturday. Be sure to plan ahead and have the correct form of payment of five $100 bills as the banks will be closed on Saturday. I took both Females to the farmers market today. They got lots of attention. Did not weigh the puppies and getting too late for a 5 week weight. A scale and bucket will be available if you want your puppy weighed when you pick it up. This weight could be important information that you can use as a reference later on so remind me if I forget to weigh your puppy. Remind me also if I do not give you the bank information from your deposit check.

8/25/2015 Tuesday, Day 39, 38 days old, 6:12 PM; **********************


All puppies but one Yellow Male can be picked anytime between 8:30 AM and 12 Noon on Saturday. Remember the 5, $100 bills is the only form of payment accepted, Plan ahead. Call me to let me know when you want to come here. The person that will be restricted on the Saturday pickup has already been notified as there are two yellow Males going to two different people and it involves a first and second choice that luckily does not apply to the other puppies. All puppies are still doing good.

8/26/2015 Wednesday, Day 40, 39 days old, 11:51 AM; Attention- All puppies doing good. Important notice: All Black puppies and the Yellow Female can be picked up Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM if that day is more convenient to you than waiting till Saturday or Sunday. The Yellow Male going to Tennessee for his new home can also be picked up Friday if convenient. Time is getting close so to change to a Friday pickup it would be better to call first and then follow up with an email to me to confirm what was agreed to over the phone. Now would be a good time to buy your puppy food. Bring a clean old towel with you to rub on Mama. This will give the puppy something familiar to snuggle up to and feel safe so it will go to sleep easier. Bring your camera and charge the battery. NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO CLICK LINK 2 FROM MY HOME PAGE AND READ ALL THE WAY THRU IT.

8/27/2015 Thursday, Day 41, 40 days old, 1:09 PM; This may be the last video. You can right click this video as well as the others, then copy the address and save it so you can go to youtube.com and look at your puppy anytime as the videos are permanent on you tube but not my site. At some time on my site they will be replaced by the future litter updates. I may be able to pull them back up but if you have a copy you do not need to depend on my locating it. Try it before you pick your puppy up so you can ask questions while you are here if it does not work. Once you have the You tube address you can email it to your friends. Latest puppy video: Last CoCo video 8-27-2015. Reread the Tuesday and Wednesday update and do not forget the payment requirements as the banks will be closed !

8/30/2015 Sunday, Day 44, 43 days old, 8:43 PM; Been very busy. Friday, getting ready for pickup on Saturday. Saturday, four puppies picked up and the one remaining Yellow Male and the one remaining Yellow Female, Lily, will be picked up around 2 PM today. Working on posting last video that I will post shortly. Last of CoCo's puppies left at 1:10 PM for its new home. LAST video; CoCo 8-30-2015 Last Video. Gave Blondie a flea bath yesterday. Baxter had been giving her lots of extra attention over the past week. When I rolled her over on her back to wet her belly I noticed she was getting ready to make some more beautiful Yellow Lab puppies. Following is her estimated time line ::: She will accept Baxter around the first week in September. She will start showing around 12OCT2015, She will deliver around 06NOV2015, The puppies will be Christmas puppies and will be ready after 18DEC2015. There is already an update page for Blondie's expected litter accessed from the updates page.



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