The McCachren Clan

From the Rocky River Presbyterian Church community, North Carolina.


William Horace "Billy" McCachren (4), 1846-1913, and Narcissa Louise Mitchell McCachren , 1847-1899.

All people included in this web site are from Billy and Narcissa. Picture below is of the 5 brothers. The sistors will be added as soon as I have a picture of them. Thanks to Eugenia McCachren for the above picture.


Sons of William Horace (4) and Narcissa McCachren :

L to Rt back: Roland Peter "Rol" (5), William McCleary "Clade" (5), Dixon Blair "Dick" (5).

L to Rt front: Clifford Otto "Mott"(5), Lawrence Mitchell "Lon" (5).

NOTE: Generation will be shown in ( ).

The purpose of this web site is to bring us closer together.

This will be our HOME page.

Annual meetings which started in 1974 are on the third Sunday of October at the Rocky River Presbyterian Church at 1:00 PM. The meeting on Oct15,2017 will be our 42nd reunion.

Remember, Pictures are necessary to keep track of and help identify our younger family members but stories of our ancestors make our history. We need stories and if you have or know of any, let me know and we will figure out how to get them on our webpage.  


President and Secretary, Hoyt McCachren ;

Treasurer, Eugenia McCachren Holste;

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Click HERE for the 2016 Reunion. This was the reunion where a vote for creating this web sight was voted on and passed.

Click here for 2017 Reunion.

Click HERE for Ida Elizabeth, 'IDA", ........... 14SEP1867, ..25JAN1902.
Click HERE for Florence , ...............................21APR1870, .17JUN1938.

Click HERE for Roland Peter "Roll", ........... 01DEC1872, .09FEB1920.

Click HERE for William McCleary "Clade" , 25JAN1874, 22AUG1960.
Click HERE for Dixon Blair "Dick" , ............. 04JUL1878, 10MAY1946.
Click HERE for Clifford Otto "MOTT", ...... 09DEC1881, .11FEB1920.
Click HERE for Laurence Mitchell "LON", . 25MAY1883, 10DEC1961.
Click HERE for Mary Sue "SUE", ............... 08JUL1885, ..22OCT1918.
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