The McCachren Clan

From the Rocky River Presbyterian Church community, North Carolina.

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Annual meetings are on the third Sunday of October at the Rocky River Presbyterian Church at 1:00 PM.


President and Secretary, Hoyt McCachren ;

Treasurer, Eugenia McCachren Holste.


The purpose of this web site is to bring us closer together.

This will be our HOME page. All three of the current pages are still under development.


Click HERE for the 2016 Reunion.
Click HERE for MOTT's family, I hope others will provide pictures of your ancestors for me to scan and include here.
Click HERE for Dick's Family .


Please email suggestions to or call 7O4 773 OOO6 . In all Emails, please include your "FAMILY" to reduce updating time and help eliminate posting errors. Please note: For best results, if possible, hold the camera or cell phone sideways, not vertical, and move camera close enough to only get one picture in each frame.


William Horace "Billy" McCachren (4), 1846-1913, and Narcissa Louise Mitchell McCachren , 1847-1899.

All people included in this web site are from Billy and Narcissa.

NOTE: Generation will be shown in ( ).
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