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NOTICE: Web Page updated 2/4/13 Monday 11:55A, for possibly the final pictures. All Miss Vaders puppies to be picked up 2/7/13 Thursday have deposits on them as of Wednesday 1/16/13.
Puppies due around 12-27-2012 and ready for pickup at 6 weeks old on Thursday, 2/7/2013 .
11/27/2012 Tuesday , Miss Vader's belly starting to show at 4-1/2 weeks, a little early.
12/22/2012 Saturday , 11:15A , Miss Vader's 10 unit auxiliary feeding equipment getting bigger , Babies maybe 5-7 days away . Ended up being 5 days.
12/27/2012 Thursday 12:30P, Miss Vader started delivery right on schedule. As of 1:00P she has two Blonds and one Black puppy.
8209-375 , 12-27-2012 Thursday 7:00 PM .. Day 1 , 3-7 hours old , , Miss Vader with her 5 surviving puppies, 3 Blonds, 1 Black, 1 Chocolate. Do not know if she is thru or not. She lost 2 Blond Females. Moved her into the house after she lost the first puppy. Have not checked sex yet as do not want to disturb MaMa. 8207-375 , 12/27/2012 Thursday .. What 2000 pounds of dog food looks like. Brought 2 , 1000 pound pallets home yesterday and carried up 6 steps to the back porch and re stacked on 2 other pallets. There are 100 , 20 pound bags there.
8212-375 , 12/28/2012 Friday .. Day 2 , 18 hours old , Family picture on Day 2 , 2 Yellow Males (YM) , one YF, one CM, one BF. In above picture , left to right is a Yellow , Black , Yellow , Chocolate , Yellow . 8214-375 , 12/28/2012 Friday .. Day 2 , 18 hours old , only Yellow Female getting breakfast. Eyes will not open for another 10-14 days .
8246-375 , 12/28/12 Fri , 7P , Day 2 , .. Miss Vader checking on her babies . She has not eaten or drank anything since yesterday around 9:00A , around 36 hours , has refused all offers of water or a potty break . I guess there is a lot more room inside her now. 8247-375 , 12/28/12 Fri , 7P , Day 2 , .. She was fairly dirty when I brought her in from the dirt floor cage but has self cleaned very good and gotten her shine back. Her nose still has dirt on it from rearranging her hole in the dirt in the cage .
8299-375 , 12/30/2012 , Sunday , Day 4 .. Miss Vaders three day old Blonde puppy. Too early to see if it will be a Pink or Black nose. 8304-375 , 12/30/2012 , Sunday Day 4 .. Miss Vaders three day old Blonde puppy. On day five found all Miss Vaders's Blonds will be the Black nose type. On day 10 found this was wrong and one of the Males will be a Pink nose. I had been looking at the feet and the Pink nose Male does have dark feet but not as black as the Black nose.
8381-375 1-1-13 Tue .. Day 6 , Invisible Black puppy laying across Miss Vader's right front leg. 8406-T-375, 1/3/2013 Thursday , Day 8 .. Chocolate Male protesting vigorously about being disturbed from its nap. Chocolate nose and Chocolate paw pads clearly visible. Chocolates not only have chocolate hair but Chocolate skin. Everything Chocolate except Red tongue and Whites of its eyes.
1/3/13 Thur, One week weights, Day 8 .. Puppy weights in pounds, Black Female (BF) 2.33, CM 2.29, YF 2.07,YM(2) 2.27 and the darkest 1.91. The average weight is 2.174 pounds..
8411-375, 1/3/2013 Thursday , Day 8 .. They were not arranged this way , Just as I found them . You can clearly see the Black pads already showing on the Blonde's - Compare to picture 8299 above to see the change. 8409-T-375, 1/3/2013 Thursday , Day 8 .. Black Female. Nose, paws , hair, skin, everything Black except Red tongue and Whites of its eyes.
8412-375, 1/3/2013 Thursday , Day 8 .. They were not arranged this way , Just as I found them . I think the flash while taking the above picture 8411 woke the Chocolate up. 8434-375, 1/6/13 Sun, Day 11.. All three Blonds asleep against each other. There eyes will start opening around day 14 but will still rely mostly on smell and hearing to find MaMa or the puppy pile. They will raise cane if they get alone during the first week.
8438-375, 1/6/13 Sun, Day 11.. MaMa says "I need some rest" , No noise please and leave the sleeping puppies alone. 8439-375, 1/6/13 Sun, Day 11. MaMa away from all the puppies while they are taking a nap.
8442-375, 1/6/13 Sun, Day 11.. Black nose showing, area around nose will darken also, eyes may start opening around Thursday although The Chocolate and Black opened first on Blondie's litter. 8448-T-375, 1/6/13 Sun, Day 11.. The Chocolate and one Blond must have a full Belly as they are sleeping while the others are nursing. As you can see from the Yellow at the top of the picture they will fall asleep when they are by themselves now with no problem.
Two Week Weights in Pounds less 1 day , Day 14 , 1/9/13 Wednesday- One day early, may reweigh tomorrow .. Black Female (BF), 3.50, CM 2.91, YF, 2.71, YM(s) 3.43, 2.79. Average = 3.06 pounds.
Two Week Weights in Pounds , Thursday 1/10/13 , Day 15 .. BF 3.76, CM 2.99, YF 2.82, YM(s) 3.59 , 2.91. Ave = 3.214 pounds.
Friday, 1/11/13, Day 16 .. The Black puppy's eyes are just starting to open. Saturday, 1/12/13, Day 17 .. The Chocolate Male and the light colored Yellow Male have there eyes about half open. This leaves one Yellow Male and one Yellow Female with there eyes still shut. Wednesday , 1/16/13 .. All eyes are open. For the first time for this litter saw one blond yesterday nursing while MaMa was standing up. Wormed all puppies for the first time.

Thursday, 1/17/2013, Day 22, Three week weights .. BF 4.82, CM 3.96, YF 3.90, YM's 4.69, 4,25, Average Weight 4.32.

Friday, 1/18/13 .. Day 23, Miss Vaders puppies are becoming more active now and will look at me when I walk up so there ability to see clearly is progressing . They are starting to sample MaMa's leftover food so I may see if they will eat any puppy food.
8526-375 , Friday, 1/18/13 .. Day 23, One of the two Black nosed Blonds. 8519-375 , Friday, 1/18/13 .. Day 23, Chocolate and Black chilling. MaMa's foot against the Chocolate.
8544-375 , Friday, 1/18/13 .. Day 23, Miss Vader at 3 week nursing her five puppies. The puppies are getting very big. 8649-375, 1/19/13, Saturday, Day 24 .. Everybody outside in the sunshine on a picnic eating lunch.
8651-T-375 1/19/13, Saturday, Day 24 .. After lunch curled up in a puppy pile to keep warm. 8658-375, 1/21/13 Monday, Day 26 .. Food fight over the Purina Puppy Chow.
8661-375, 1/21/13 Monday, Day 26 .. Blond Male is on top but food is on the bottom where the Chocolate and Black are. As can be seen they always want to eat from the far side of the bowl. 8669-375, 1/21/13 Monday, Day 26 .. After winning the food fight and getting stuffed it is time for a nap - Fast asleep in the food bowl. Blacks ear on top of Chocolate's head.
1/24/13, Thursday, 10:00AM Day 29 , 4 week weights .. BF 5.99, CM 5.70, YF 5.33, YM(s) 6.48, 5.57, Average 5.81.
Following twelve pictures taken 1/25/13, Saturday Day 30. Next to bottom center picture is Blond asleep in food bowl. The next to the bottom row of pictures is a 16:9 format and the rest are 4:3.
Left and right pictures in above row of pictures taken 1/27/13 Day 32 and shows BF and YF practicing on drinking water, CM in middle picture is thinking and wondering what I am up to.
1/31/13, Thursday, 5 week weights, Day 36 .. BF 7.38, CM 8.64, YF 7.98, YM(Black Nose) 8.81, YM(Pink Nose)8.09, Average 8.18 pounds at 5 weeks.
8901-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. How can he sleep in a 2" deep food bowl? 8889-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. Slight disagreement over something.
8891-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. Group picture at the food bowl. The changing shades of color are very evident in the Blonds in this picture. The apparent shade difference on the Black and Chocolate is just the reflected light and will change location as the puppy moves. 8894, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. Things have settled down now and I think all are asleep, some still in the food bowl.
8951-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. The Black Female checking out the new smells. 8968-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. The Black Female following me around.
8845-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. Slight disagreement between the Female on the left and the Male on the right. Notice the leg thickness. 8898-T-375, 2/4/13, Monday Day 40 .. Graph of weight in pounds of the five puppies. There is a clear break indicating a faster weight increase around week three and four. Does not include week six yet. The puppy age in weeks is shown on the bottom scale and the puppy weight in pounds is shown on the vertical scale. Possibly last picture of this litter. You can see they are all heading towards the 10 pound mark if there had been a 6 weeks weight.
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