Web Page started 17NOV2012 Saturday , for CoCo's Puppies . Use CTRL (+/-) to fill screen with pictures.
Web Page updated 9:15 AM Monday, 2/4/2013 for Five week weights. 1/22/2013 Tuesday, All deposits have been recieved on all of CoCo's puppies to be picked up 2/11/13 Monday.
Saturday , 12-29-2012 , Puppies due around Saturday , 12/29/2012
Tuesday , 11-27-2012 , CoCo starting to show at 4-1/2 weeks.
Monday , 12-24-2012 .. CoCo's 10 unit auxiliary feeding equipment getting bigger , Babies maybe 5-7 days away .
Friday , 12-28-2012 .. CoCo's puppies possibly due tomorrow, Saturday, so CoCo will sleep in our bedroom in a small 5 foot x 5 foot cage starting tonight, Friday 12/28/2012 , We usually do not get much sleep when this happens . No puppies Saturday or Sunday - Even money they come tonight . She was in the den her last litter during the summer but we heat our house with a den stove so it would get too hot on MaMa and puppies. Puppies finally started Monday night 8:01 PM, Finished 3:05 AM the next morning 1/1/2013, I got no sleep.
Wednesday 1/9/13 .. All people with an option for a deposit on this litter have been notified to send the deposit in. All deposits have been received except for the Black Female and it was to be mailed 1/17.
8217-375-T , 12/28/2012 , Friday .. CoCo doing her Dachshund impersonation. This and the next two pictures are the last three pictures before puppies came on Monday 12/31/12, at 8:01 PM and Tuesday 1/1/13 with the last coming at 3:05 AM. I wish she would learn to have them during the day, Very long night. 8222-375-T , 12/28/2012 , Friday .. CoCo's 10 unit auxiliary feeding system , getting pretty big.
First puppy Monday, 12/31/2012 , 8:01 PM, Day 1 .. a Yellow Female. The 2nd puppy was a Chocolate Male. Turned in to a very long night. Last puppy came at 3:05 AM Tuesday 1/1/2013. No sleep. All puppies except the Chocolate are Female.
8307-375-T 12/30/2012 , Sunday .. My most loving dog , She even moans when I rub her . She does not "just like petting" - She wants to be laying against me while I pet her, she has her head laying on my arm. Babies may come tonight, I hope.  
8387-T-375 , 10:34P , 12/31/2012 , Monday , Day 1 .. First three puppies , Puppies are still wet . At first I thought the Chocolate was a Black as the remnants of being born give the puppies a much darker look but then I saw its Chocolate nose . Day 1 is zero days old, they will not be one day old until Day 2 - confusing but think about it. I plan to weigh the puppies at 1 week which will be day 8 and then weekly. 8388-T-375 , Tuesday , Day 2 , New Years Day , 1-1-13, 4:12 AM , 2nd picture , even though it is Day 2 they are only hours or minutes old as the last was born 67 minutes before this picture was taken at 3:05 AM . First picture of the new year. MaMa cleaning a Yellow. The last puppy born is behind her left ear and is still wet. All the Yellows are Female as is the Black , The Chocolate is the only Male.
8397-375 , 1/3/13 , Thursday, Day 4 .. The Runt, a Chocolate Male, is propped up between two shoes to keep him from falling off the nipple. He was very weak on day four from not enough milk but perked up after this picture due to getting a belly full of milk. . 8400-375 , 1/3/13 , Thursday, Day 4 .. Later in the day the Chocolate could latch and hold on to the nipple very good.
8401-375 , 1/3/13 , Thursday, Day 4 .. Family portrait , MaMa has her Left fore arm curled around and hugging the Black Female. In the puppy pile the Chocolate Male is on top near MaMa's nose then the five Female Yellows. 8401-T-375 , 1/3/13 , Thursday, Day 4 .. Close up of picture to the left. MaMa has her Left fore arm curled around and hugging the Black Female. You can hardly see the Black Female - wish it was one of the Blondes so it would show up better.
CoCo's three colors 1-6-13 , Sunday, Day 7 , will be one week old tomorrow on Day 8 .. Eyes will not open for around another week on Day 15 or 16.
Monday, 1/7/2013, Day 8, Puppy 1 week weights .. Five Yellow Females (YF) 1.14, 1.36, 1.65, 1.96, 2.13, BF 1.75, CM 0.94. Average weight 1.56 pounds.
Monday, 1/14/2013, Day 15, Puppy 2 week weights .. Yellow Females (YF) 1.98, 2.42, 2.91, 3.19, 3.32, (BF) 2.91, (CM) 1.56. Average weight 2.61 pounds.
1/16/13, Wed, Day 17.. Wormed all puppies. All eyes open.
8597-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19 .. Chocolate Male laying on a Yellow ( Blonde ) Female. 8600-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19 .. Black Female sleeping in MaMa's food bowl.
8607-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19.. Black Female in MaMa's food bowl. It woke during the commotion of the picture taking. 8625-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day19 .. Black Female back to sleep in MaMa's food bowl. The pan to the right holds a gallon of water and is used up daily. It takes a lot of water to make milk for 7 babies.
8608-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19 .. One of the Blond Females. One of the two pink nosed ones and may be the biggest. 8638-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19 .. Chocolate Male. I have gone back to putting him on the nipple by himself to insure he gets his fair share of milk. He is very small at this time.
8639-375 1/18/13 Friday, Day 19 .. Chocolate Male. 8692-375, 1/24/13 Friday .. What static cling from single digit humidity looks like. Dead grass clinging to CoCo's coat when she rolled in the grass. I could not get it to come off.
Monday, 1/21/13, 9:00A, Three week weights Day 22.. Two YF(s) Pink nosed, 5.04, 4.23, Three YF(s) Black nosed, 3.50, 3.39, 2.68, BF 3.88, CM 2.00. Average weight is 3.53 pounds. Discovered there are two pink nosed YFs in this group while weighing, I have been too busy to notice and showed up this morning during the weighing when I decided to show the Pink nose weigh separate. Strange but as well as I remember all Pink nosed Females seem to be the heaviest. The boys usually will not overtake them until they mature.

1/28/13, Monday, 4 week weights, Day 29 .. Two YF(s) Pink nosed, 6.87, 5.73, Three YF(s) Black nosed, 5.48, 5.48, 4.03, BF 5.52, CM 3.59. Average weight is 5.24 pounds. CoCo's average puppy weight of the seven puppies is still gaining on Miss Vader's and is now only 10% lower than Miss Vader's 5 puppie average weight. The Chocolate male is starting to gain some ground in the weight department. At Three weeks he weighed 40% of the heavest puppy and 52% of the average weight. Now he weighs 56% of the heaviest and 69% of the average, he is very active.

Monday, 2/4/13 9:00A, , 5 week weights, Day 35 .. Two YF(s) Pink nosed, 8.53, 7.38, Three YF(s) Black nosed, 8.13, 7.40, 5.95, BF7.82, CM 5.35. Average weight is 7.22 pounds.
8905-375, 2/4/13, Monday .. How they can sleep hanging over a pan I do not know. 8909-375, 2/4/13, Monday .. All five Blonds nursing.
9024-375, 2/4/13, Monday .. 9042-375, 2/4/13, Monday ..
9008-375, 2/4/13, Monday .. 9010-375, 2/4/13, Monday ..
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