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Taka's puppies were born Friday , 6-7-2013, while I was on the way back from hiking the Grand Canyon, down the South Kibab trail to Phantom Ranch and out the Bright Angel trail the next day. She has one Black Male and two Yellow, black nosed, Males.
9701-375 , Monday , 6-10-13. Day 4 , Taka's puppies , 3 days old , Day 4. Close up of Black Male , has dirt on face, MaMa had just rearranged the bottom of her hole. 9702-375 , Monday , 6-10-13. Day 4 , Taka's puppies , 3 days old , Day 4. Close up of Yellow Male , has dirt on face, MaMa had just rearranged the bottom of her hole. Nose is still pink, but if to be Black nosed, will turn Black around day 5-8.
6-13-2013 , Thur , Taka is in a portable cage on the back porch with a fan blowing on her and the puppies during the day. I put Taka in a permanent cage and bring the puppies in the house at night.
6-14-2013 , Fri , One week puppy weight. Black Male 0.99 pounds , Yellow Male 1.32 pounds , large Yellow Male 1.67 pounds.
9823-375 6-18-13 Tue. Day 12 , Taka's only Black, A Male. All her puppies were Males. Taka and her puppies have been moved to the back porch . 9838-375 6-18-13 Tue. Day 12 , Breakfast time - at this age breakfast time usually lasts till lunch time ....
9900-375 6-18-13 Tue. Day 12 , Taka's only Black , a Male. Eyes will open around day 14 or 15 . I will try to get a better picture next time , Blacks take better with a green or blue background . 9902-375 6-18-13 Tue. Day 12 , One of Taka's Yellows, Do not know if it is the largest or smallest, see weights above. You can clearly see the nose has turned Black.
6-21-13 Fri , 2 weeks old, Day 15 , Taka's Large Yellow Male and her Black Male's eyes are partially open. The puppies 2 week weights are : Black Male 1.89 # , Small Yellow Male 2.33 # , Large Yellow Male 2.74 # .
6-22-13 Sat , Day 16 , All Taka's puppies have there eyes open and as of yesterday are walking with there bellies off the ground and not crawling on there bellies like they used to .
6-25-13 Tue , Day 19 , Taka's Black puppy was sleeping with his head over the water bowl and every once in a while would dip his tung in the water, first time her puppies have sampled the water. .
6-26-13 Wed , Day 20 , Taka's puppies seem to have started to enjoy being picked up and rubbed.
9913-T-375 , 6/22/2013 Fri . Day 18 , Taka's Family portrait 9917-T-375-T-375 , 6/28/2013 Fri. Day 24 , One of Taka's Male puppies thinking about taking his first drink.
9918-T-375 , 6/28/2013 Fri . Day 24 , They can sleep anywhere. 9919-T-375 , 6/28/2013 Fri. Day 24 , Would be nice to sleep as sound as this.
9966-T-375 , 6/28/2013 Fri. Day 24 , Blonds getting fresh made milk. 9973-T-375 , 6/28/2013 Fri. Day 24 , Toe nails are getting sharper and longer.
41-375, 7/7/13 Sun. Two of Taka's three Male Puppies drinking water. They are really gobbling up the Purina Puppy Chow when it is put out for them. 10020 Puppy snoozing with head over water container- every once in a while his tung will come out and dip in the water. Later gave him and the other puppies a cooling off bath being temp was 92 deg and still climbing.
6/28/2013 Fri , Three week puppy weights 11:30AM : Black Male 2.91# , Small Yellow Male 3.06# , Large Yellow Male 3.88#. 7/6/2013, Sat, 10:30AM , 4 week puppy weights, Large YM (Yellow Male ) 5.7#, Small YM 4.89#, BM 4.49#.
34-375, 7/7/13 Sun. Emily's large Male Puppy from Taka passed out on back porch between trash can and rubber boot. 36-375, 7/7/13 Sun. Emily's large Male Puppy from Taka.
Update: Taka's puppy weights at Day 36, Brock's Black Male 5.86 # and Small Yellow Male 5.95 # , Emily's Large Yellow Male 7.31 #.
132-T-375, 7/12/2013 Fri, 2:30PM. Emily with her large Yellow Male. 136-T-375, 7/12/2013 Fri, 2:30PM. Emily with her large Yellow Male. Only 7 days to go.
148-375, 7/12/2013 Fri. Taka's 3 and Miss Vader's 1 drinking water. They have reached the time when I walk up and call "puppy" they run towards me and climb up on the fence wanting attention. 188-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. The following pictures are the last for these two litters. The pictures includes Taka's three Males, two yellows and one Black, and Miss Vader's Yellow Female. Above is Taka's small Male I think.
284-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Taka's Black Male. 226-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. I may need to cut the grass before I loose a puppy in it.
207-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. 208-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed.
283-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. 236-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed.
215-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Taka's small Male. 212-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Blond Male on full charge against the Black Male.
270-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Miss Vader's Yellow Female making a run for it to keep the others from stealing the discarded tomatoe she just found. 204-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Puppies just found there favorite place, in the dirt under the stairs. That is where MaMa sleeps and three times moved her puppies there and I had to crawl under there and relocate them back to the porch.
327-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. These two just discovered the dirt under the stairs and how good and how cool it feels on there feet. 318-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Both imediately started digging in the dirt when they discovered it.
289-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Puppies were let out of cage again to play in grass. They liked it before but seem to love it now. 286-375-T, 7/18/2013 Wed. Probably last picture for this litter 7/21/2013 Sunday.
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