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12/16/2016 Friday, 11:15 AM, Day 46, 45 days old; The last puppy from Blondie was picked up yesterday, 12/15/2016. Thanks for all that were interested in one of her puppies.




9/2/2016 Friday; Finally catching up from the Yellowstone trip. After closer checking on Blondie I found she is ready to start having some more puppies so I took her to my breeder. I was very lucky she did not come in heat while I was gone for 17 days or she would have missed having puppies this time. She had 10 Yellows each of her last two litters. I took her to the same Yellow stud as her last litter so she will have all Yellow puppies. Daddy's picture is shown below, he is a registered stud. You can see the last litter from him and Blondie by clicking here .


9/5/2016 Monday 2:32 PM; Blondie brought back from the breeder. Blondie should start showing a baby bump around October 7th. She should deliver around November 1st. Her puppies will be 6 weeks old and ready for their new home around the Full Moon on Tuesday December 13th.


9/28/2016 Wednesday 2:20 PM; Blondie is doing good. This is day 26 of the 60 day puppy development. She may start showing a tummy as early as day 35. There is no change happening or expected. She may start showing around the 7th.

10/3/2016 Tuesday 7:28 AM; So far so good. This is day 31 of the 60 day puppy development. Blondie is doing well and may start showing as early as Friday, the 7th. For her last pregnancy she showed very well at 6 weeks which will be the 14th. She seems to be eating longer than she did previously.

10/8/2016 Saturday 3:40 PM; It is week five plus one day. Blondie seems to have a small baby bump. Things are looking good. Week six will really tell and that will be this coming Friday.

10/12/2016 Wednesday 9:52 AM; Well I do not need to wait till the six week date to see the baby bump. It is showing very well at five weeks and five days. This is day 40 of the 60 day growing period. She is getting along good.

10/24/2016 Monday 8:20 PM; Blondie is getting big. She is due in eight days, Tuesday, 11/01/2016. I will probably bring her into the house over the coming weekend.

10/31/2016 Monday 8:57 PM; Later tonight I plan to move the kitchen table, bring four rubber backed mats in, cover the mats with 6 large towels, assemble the eight sided cage, and put privacy sheets on the cage so I will be ready for the new puppies expected tomorrow. Blondie is still eating so I do not think they will come tonight. She had her last bath today and is ready to bring in. 9:15 PM, Kitchen prepared, Blondie brought in at 10:05 PM. Puppy watch is on !

11/01/2016 Tuesday 1:56 PM; Today is Blondie's due date. Things may be happening. Blondie may be starting in labor. 2:02PM, She is breathing harder and licking more and just heard the first whine from her. I was planning to do a little running around but that is cancelled now, she will be monitored continuously for several days and nights. Stay tuned. 2:20, Blondie seems to be in heavy labor, very nerve wracking watching and listening to her. 4:02 First puppy- a Boy, already nursing at 4:05 !!!! Oh, What a relief it is. This is first video of first puppy at 12 minutes old, Puppies first video . Second puppy, another Male, born 5:23. At 7:22, third puppy, a still born Female. 9:31, #4, too confusing to check sex of puppy now, will separate Males and Females in the morning for an accurate count and to make sure all are nursing ok. 10:40 #5 was born. Her last delivery this Spring had 11 and she lost one the delivery lasted 11 hours so it will probably be a long night! At 1:40 AM Wednesday morning #6 came out healthy and was nursing 20-30 seconds after delivery.

11/02/2016 Wednesday 10:26AM; Looks like Blondie ended up with four Boys and one Girl. This is the smallest she has ever had. I got in bed at 5:08 this morning and back up at 8:30AM. All puppies seem happy and are about the same size. I plan to post a family picture later today. Here is the latest video, it is made from five videos over the period of the delivery. Click HERE to see video.

11/4/2016 Friday 9:33 PM; All puppies doing great. They are getting very fat and when they get rolled over, they roll like logs. Blondie has started going out now, She went out 4 times today.

11/10/2016 Thursday 9:40 AM, Day 10, 9 days old; Puppies very fat and noisy. They have not reached their peak noise they can make but soon they will hurt your ears if you startle one. Their eyes should open around Tuesday. They will all be Black nosed Yellows. To see explanation on the Yellow Lab variety's, see the color section on my web site. Their is no variety of Blacks or Chocolates but their are two types of Yellows.

11/13/2015 Sunday 7:23 PM, Day 13, 12 days old; Puppies doing great. May post latest video later. MaMa staying out longer and sometimes will only step half way into door to check on them, then turn and go back outside.

11/17/2016 Thursday, 8:50 AM, Day 17, 16 days old; Five different "FIRSTS" today. 1) First eyes are opening a little, a very pretty blue. 2) First time I saw one walking, I saw one stand on all four legs yesterday but did not walk but one walked today, 3) First one growled at me when I tried to roll it over to take outside, 4) First trip outside where they stayed in the warm sunshine for over an hour, 5) First visitor to check on his puppy.

11/21/2016 Monday, 3:37 PM Day 21, 20 days old: Puppies are starting to raise their head to look at me when I approach and make any noise. They are also barking and growling at each other and today was the first time I had seen Blondie stand up to nurse them. This is an imporntant step as she can nurse up to ten at a time by standing up.

11/24/2016 Thursday,7:34 PM, Day 24, 23 days old; Puppies stayed outside from 11A till 5P yesterday getting some sunshine. They have been outside all day today since 8A and relocated two times after being taken outside. They are now in their cage outside my bed room window and this may be their first night outside if my nerves can take it. I will check on them around midnight and again around 3A to see how they are doing. The low is only supposed to be an unbelievable 50 degrees tonight.

11/28/2016 Monday, 8:44 AM, Day 28, 27 days old; Puppies have been outside since the 24th. All doing good.

12/12/2016 Monday, 8:23 PM, Day 42, 41 days old; All doing great- click below to see latest video.

http://youtu.be/plXHfwWE_T4 ,

12/16/2016 Friday, 11:15 AM, Day 46, 45 days old; The last puppy from Blondie was picked up yesterday, 12/15/2016. Thanks for all that were interested in one of her puppies.