This is the HOME page of the family of Eli Stafford 1797 - 6/4/1848 and his son, James Lafayette Stafford 3/12/1840 - 2/11/1926.
Remember, Pictures are necessary to keep track of and help identify our younger family members but stories of our ancestors make our history. We need stories and if you have or know of any, let me know and we will figure out how to get them on our webpage.   
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Zeb Mack Stafford 12/25/1873 - 7/10/1948 ; Lula Mae Barbee Stafford 5/24/1892 - 1965 , Married 11/23/1910.
Joe Lafayette Stafford
Caldwell Query Stafford
Sadie Mildred Stafford
Robert William Stafford
Mary Elizabeth Stafford
Evelyn Barbee Stafford
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