This is picture of sale ticket for the Gas Station and Grill at NC 49 and Morehead Across from the Harrisburg Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The business was started, owned, and operated by brothers Caldwell and Robert Stafford. Exterior and interior pictures of the store can be seen by clicking here .
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This receipt was found in Ted McCachren's metal box used to store the radio tubes used to repair radios. The back shows the tube layout and the tube tester readout values on the quality of the tube. There were two separate tests for the tube and that is why some tubes show WEAK and GOOD.

In around 1956 I took one of my bicycles and an old lawn mower motor to this station and Caldwell welded a motor mount on it and it was the first motorcycle I ever rode. As most gas tank caps of that time period would shoot some drops of fuel out at certain RPM which would normally quickly evaporate, now they would land on your blue jeans bottom and the first time the motor would backfire the riders rear would flame up and he would have to jump off and everyone would throw sand on the fire put the fire out.

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