McCachren Reunion 2016.
Revised 10/14/2017 Saturday.
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Today, 10/16/2016, the reunion was, as usual, held at 1:00 PM at the Rocky River Presbyterian Church. This family is the decendants of William Horace McCachren and Narcissa Louise Mitchell. The family would like to thank Hoyt for hosting the reunion for the past many years, Eugenia for set up, and Marie McCachren Sigler for funding the cost of the first year of this site name,, which will be an annual cost of $15. There was a general agreement during the 2016 Reunion to build a McCachren web site. The following is what has transpired. The site is clickable and was purchased 10/16/2016 at 2:00 PM, Invoice # 7320310 from of DNC Holdings, inc. This site home page was started Sunday 10/16/2016 at 3:47 PM to record and make available the history of the McCachren Family whose primary location was in/around the Rocky River Presbyterian Church area, Harrisburg and Charlotte, North Carolina. There were 32 people in attendance this year and there was a collection of $39 . The church was paid the yearly cost for using the building of $75. King McCachren has added our reunion date to the church calendar so there should be no scheduling issues in the future.

1st generation  was  John McCachren and wife Mary;  2nd generation was Hector McCachren and wife Elizabeth Hues;  3rd generation was Peter Roland McCachren with 1st wife Elizabeth Gingles, 2nd wife Malinda White;   4th generation was William Horace McCachren and wife Narcissa Louise Mitchell. Notes only from Eugenia - to be expanded later.
Following are the 2016 pictures:


Joe Potter, Nancy Potter.


seated: Mary Helen McCachren Hartsell, Floyd Hartsell, Stephen Sigler, Jacob Sigler.

standing: Marie Sigler, Linda McCachren, Teddy McCachren, Jean Houston, Jimmy Houston, Paula McCachren, Norman McCachren.


Al Miller, Peggy McCachren Miller (6) , Mitch Miller (7).


seated: William King McCachren (6)

1st row; Ethan Holste, Christine Howell holding Martha Ruth, Ryan Holste, Payten Ruth Stoudt, Sharon McCachren Twitty, James Stoudt, Becky Stoudt holding Jackson Stoudt.

2nd row: Hoyt McCachren (7), Eugenia McCachren Holste(7), Nicole Holste, Zach Colbert holding Raven, Chelsea Colbert, Shellie Colbert Tona.

3rd row: Tip McCachren (7), Harold Holste, Brent Holste, Matthew Howell.


Ruth, Eugenia, Jimmy, ?,Marie, Teri Stafford, Jean.
Linda, Hoyt, William, ?,?, Eugenia, Peggy.
Jacob, Tip, Harold . Jacob, Tip,
Eugenia and Marie.
Jean, Hoyt, Linda, Al, Peggy.

5th Generation

Ida, Florence, Roland, Clade, Dick, Mott, Lon, Sue.

1st Generation.

John, Hector, Roland, Horace.



Eugenia's Board.

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2019 Reunion of the McCachrens and Staffords at Rocky River Presbyterian Church on October 20th, 2019 at 1:00 PM.
Mcc pic Stafford pic
List of names list of names



The following links to the class project interviews have been clicked and verified 10/17/16; 3:10P. . Ida McCachren Barrier interview 10/29/98 by Michael McCachren for UNCC- includes audio of Ida talking. . Linda Threatt McCachren interview 10/30/98 by Michael McCachren for UNCC. . Mildred Stafford McCachren interview 10/30/98 by Michael McCachren for UNCC. . Blair McCachren interview 10/29/98 by Michael McCachren for UNCC.

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