Revised 9/21/2017

Clade, for many years, met the Mail train at 4:30 in the morning at the Harrisburg Depot. He would load the outgoing mail bag on the mail bag hook and retrieve the incoming mail bag that was dropped off from the moving train. He then took the mail bag to the store that had the post office contract at the time. If the Democrats were in office, the Will Sloop store located in the South West corner of the railroad and Robinson Church Road had the mail contract and the incoming mail bag was placed in a large locked wood container on the front porch of the Post Office. This Mail box can be seen in a picture at under the section "Pictures of places that have been torn down" and it is twelve pictures from the top. Many times I sat on that wood box and listened to the older men tell their stories. If the Republications were in office then the Post Office was located in the Sim's store in the North West corner of the Railroad and Robinson Church Road and the mail bag was placed inside the post office thru a door cut near the floor and the door was again locked. A picture of the Mail door can be seen here, on the left and eight pictures down from the top. The mail door is still stored in the attic of the store as we never got around to reinstalling it. After Clade quit, because he was tired of getting up so early, the train would come to a complete stop. The mail car Post Master would get off the train and carry the mail bag to what ever store had the contract, and when he returned, the train would then continue on its way. 9/19/2017.