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17APR07 Sam Scott of Scotts Moving, while in a meeting on moving the cabin, informs me of this crib. Later Hugh Morrison agreed to donate it the town and pay to have moved to the Town park. Picture taken 22APR07, 3467 .
22APR Took this and other pictures . Later showed crib to Councilman Bill Williams. Picture taken 4-22-07 3468
3471 Crib Picture taken 4-22-07
3474 Crib Picture taken 4-22-07
3475 Inside future railroad shed. The walls were filled with carpenter bees. Picture taken 4-22-07
3481 Inside center section Picture taken 4-22-07
3510 Corn Crib in its original temporary position in town park. Started the very tedious job of removing old roof on East side 01MAY07. Picture taken 4-28-07

3617 Tarp covering plywood roof. Had previously removed the asphalt shingles and replaced all broken sheeting boards. 05MAY07 Finished installing red tin roof on west side 29MAY07. Picture taken 5-26-07

3630 Start of painting. Picture taken 5-26-07. Got building permit 09NOV07.
4306 11.9.07 Foundation. Picture taken 11-9-07 looking West towards branch. Contractor originally read the plans wrong and so ended with a concrete foundation all the way around the building. This later proved useful when doors were installed in some of the openings.
4452 12.14.08 Moving Corn Crib over foundation. Picture taken 14DEC07
4443 12.14.08 Moving over foundation. Picture taken 14DEC07
4949 2.15.08 New holes were cut so crafter's could display or demonstrate under cover protected from the sun and rain. . Picture taken 2-15-08
4820 1.31.08 Truck pulling tool trailer. Pictured, Robert, Betsy, Dufas ( 07/01/02 -0 8/20/11 ), Dick. Picture taken 1-31-08
8100 Picture taken 7-14-09 What the wood boring bumblebees are doing inside the walls.
8100 Picture taken 7-14-09 What the wood boring bumblebees are doing inside the walls.
4959 Picture taken 2.18.08 What wood boring bumble bees do inside the wood. 4994 Picture taken 3.4.08 Betsy and Robert.
4995 Picture taken 3.4.08 Betsy, Robert, Dick. Town has installed the electrical service panel on back wall. 4998 Picture taken 3.4.08 Dick thinking ?
5001 Picture taken 3.4.08 Dick still thinking , I think. 5004 Picture taken 3.11.08 Betsy adding last coat of paint on large doors. The door on the left required special hand made hinges to open around the corner. Hinges were made on site using the towns oxy/acc.
5005 Picture taken 3.11.08 Betsy / Dick. 5014 Picture taken 3.27.08 North room, North door locking system.
5015 Picture taken 3.21.08 North room, North door locking system. 5024 Picture taken 3.27.08 North room ready for Rail club use.
5026 Picture taken 3.27.08 Dick working on Door jam. 5034 Picture taken 4.7.08 Stuff.
5079 Picture taken 4.15.08 Town bringing water to crib. Looking back toward the future site of the log cabin. 5074 Picture taken 4.15.08 Bringing water to crib. Restored store left background.
5082 Picture taken 4.18.08 Bringing water to crib.

5084 Picture taken 4.15.09 Bringing water to crib. Shows old foundation for gin, I called Carol ( Whitey)Alexander to site and he explained about the building layout in the Harrisburg Improvement Co Manufacturing area.

5088 15APR08 Ordered wood for porch. Crib complete except for cleanup. Picture taken 4-22-08.
5090 Building finished and in use. Galvanized steel railroad bridge shown in foreground but not installed. The bridge material and labor were donated by Sheldon Freemon of Freemon Machine & Fabrication Inc. , Clover, SC. Picture taken 4-22-08.
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