There were a total of around 52 ( from counting people ) at this McCachren ( 37 from picture) / Stafford (21 from picture ) 2023 Reunion held 12:30P Sunday 10-22-2023 at Rocky River Presbyterian Church. The counts of people vary as some were both McCachren and Stafford so they may be shown in both pictures and a few people may have left. I did not count the different famlies seperately.

Teddy took group pictures of the seperate families. Sorry for the poor quality pictures as I used an old camera that the batteries had run down and lost all the settings so it defaulted to VGA when I charged the battery.

Treasure Report: The donations collected was $167.00 and our secretary Eugenia has already written a $75.00 check to the church as before. Eugenia requested for someone else to take the secretary job over but no one so far has volunteered. A motion was again proposed the same as last year, to combine the monies from both families into one account and there were no objection that I heard. The treasury report shows $318.00 in the account after the 2019 reunion was settled up. There was no reunion in 2020 nor 2021 due the Chineese virus. At the 2022 reunion $144 was collected but was inadvertanly given to the church and Eugenia was not aware of it so she also paid the church $75.00 as well as a charge of $30.44 for supplies that Eugenia bought. The church has been paid the $75.00 for the 2023 reunion leaving $212.56. The web sites are $15.00 per year each and this has been and will continue to be donated by Teddy McCachren.

Remember: The McCachren website is " " or can be clicked on as a link from my home site " " ! There is no " Stafford " website as the Stafford name is too popular and I could not find one that was not already taken but it can be found as a link from the website. All links in BLUE can be clicked on to go there.

My EMAIL is or Both will now go to my phone and computer.