Tallboy Restaurant and service station., Harrisburg, N.C. at North-East corner of NC49 and Morehead road. All pictures estimated to be from the mid '70's and were provided by Quinton Harris. Do not know exactly when the building was torn down yet.
Tallboy-21-375 .. Jim Smith's sister, Jim Smith (owner), Jim's sister's husband.
Tallboy-20-375 .. Mrs Ross who worked here and later at Rosses' Diner near Cochrane's Gin on NC29 and Pitts School Road, and Jim's wife Carolyn Smith.
Tallboy-22-375 .. Tallboy Mechanic.
Tallboy-23-375 .. Frankie Hill, Charlie's son. The camera in the box may have been for raffle as Jim raffled many items from the counter.
Tallboy-19-375 .. Three unknown patrons.
??? Tallboy-28-375 .. Not certain of this picture yet. ???
Tallboy-17-375 .. Jim Smith's mother. Note the prices shown on the top of the picture.
Tallboy-26-375 .. Jim's Dad, Jim's Wife, Johnny Mullis, Jim Smith. '59 Ford.
Tallboy-24-375 .. Horace Howell, cook.
Tallboy-25-375 .. Eric Blankenship, Carl "Jr", Lambert, ? Unknown girl ?, L. J. Almond, Frankie Hill. In the next booth are the same girls as in picture #20 above.
Tallboy-29-375 .. Two unknown patrons.
Tallboy-27-375 .. Preacher Easley.
Tallboy-30-375 .. Two unknown cops.