2542 02-19-2011 Sat The living room fireplace with its original deep firebox radiates heat across the entire room today just as it did when the house was built. It most assuredly was a focal point of the house in the early days as it still has a bracket in the lintel which could be used for swinging pots over the fire.

2548 02-19-2011 Sat The fireplace in the front bedroom was designed for coal and has not been used in many years, though it would surely have been welcome, because as children sleeping over we remember that this was the coldest room in the house. The mantle is original to the house and has several "chubby holes" which were used by the children to hide their "treasures" many years ago.

2551 02-19-2011 Sat and 2553 02-19-2011 Sat The furniture in the front bedroom includes a bedroom suit which came from the Houston family and was purchased around 1915. The love seat was originally in the Clanton home place off York Road, near Clanton Road, and dates to a time before 1900. It has porcelain rollers which were used prevalently at the time.
2565 02-19-2011 Sat This room now serves as a den but was originally a "well porch" . It offered a covered place to draw water from an open well which was located just in front of the door.
2556 02-19-2011 Sat This pump organ was originally in the Wallace home place on Peach Orchard Road. However a similar organ and piano were in the house originally and were used by Dick McCachren who served as choir director for Harrisburg Presbyterian Church for more than 40 years. Dick also taught piano to many local students.
2566 02-19-2011 Sat Mr and Mrs Henry Wallace.
2563 02-19-2011 Sat This room currently serves as the dining room but originally was the bedroom for the four McCachren boys. This was a gathering spot for many of the local young people to play cards, talk, and fellowship. The mantle is original to the house.
2569 02-19-2011 Sat Mrs Martha Jane Houston September 23, 1858- March 9, 1925.
2571 02-19-2011 Sat Mr John Clanton, Sr. Confederate soldier killed at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was a Lt. and mentioned in NORTH CAROLINA REGIMENT 1861-65 vol 1, page 558 & 69 by Walker Clark.

2573 02-19-2011 Sat Family reunion at the Clanton home place.

First row: Murlan King on Julia Clanton's lap, Lowell Davis, Parks McCachren, Winnie Davis Babcock, Mary Florence " Toots " McCachren Houston, Helen McCachren on John Clanton's lap.

Second row: Uldeen Davis Potter, Bill McCachren, Julia Davis Boyd.

Third row. John Grier McCachren, Yates Miller " Ted " McCachren, Dixon Blair " Buck " McCachren.

Bill and Helen died in the 1918 flu epidemic

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