Stafford 2019 Reunion, ** click >>>> HERE <<<< to also see the 2019 McCachren reunion as they were held together for the first time at Rocky River Presbyterian Church on Sunday 10/20/2019.There were at least three people that were both McCachrens and Staffords represented ( Teddy, Gary, Pam ) . It worked out very good and the plans are to continue to have joint reunions in future years.
Remember, Pictures are necessary to keep track of and help identify our younger family members but stories of our ancestors make our history. We need stories and if you have or know of any, email me at and we will figure out how to get them on our web page.  
***** If anyone has stories or pictures you would like to share about your ancestors , Please click following email link . *****

2019 Treasury report from Eugenia on 10/30/2019:
Balance on Hand----$290.02
Spent 2019
      Aldi.                    $10.02
      Rocky River.      $75.00
       Total Spent       $85.02        
Balance.            $205.00
Offering-2019.     113.00
Total.                     $318.00

Teddy McCachren, Gary Stafford McCachren, Alex Hamilton, Jimmy Hamilton, Sarah Stafford Hamilton, Wayne Stafford, Angie King Stafford, Mary Lena Stafford Lewis, Don Lewis, Bonnie Stafford Holton, Teri Stafford, Pam Stafford McCachren.