Information contained on this page was provided by Email from Mary Hillukka using historical notes and pictures mostly provided by Mary Sims Hall (1903-1998).

1915 or 1919, Probably 1919, Harrisburg School Miss Cora - 1200, Names provided by Bill Price around first of October 2017.

1-Margrat Harris Quay- Bonnie Quay Howie's mother, 2-Buford Barbee, 3-Joe Farra- Bill Price's Uncle, 4 unknown, 5-Gene Morrison, 6-John Harry, 7-John Davis, 8-Bill Morrison, 9- Mary C Sims, 10-Evelyn Morrison Williams- Bill Henry's Mother, 11-Teacher-Miss Cora Hunter, 12-Ruth Pharr- Bill Price's Mother, 1- unknown, 14-Kathlene Alexander, 15-Elmr Cochrane, 16-Jo Harris, 17-Martha Davis, 18-Annie Taylor Carriker, 19-Cenie Alexander- Carol "Whitey" Alexander's Mother, 20-Bulla Taylor Carriker.


1915 or 1919 Harrisburg School - 1200 = Names to be added later.
Map drawn of Harrisburg in 1920 by Mary Sims Hall. Note the Oglesby and Stafford store. There is a picture of the interior of the Grey Store that is in the Restored Morrison/Sims store and it shows Mr and Mrs Grey and their dog.
Sisters: Mary Cornelia McKinley (1835 - 1906) and Cenie Elizabeth McKinley (1841 - 1911) who married
two brothers, respectively: Samuel McKee Stafford (1832 - 1913) and James Lafayette Stafford (1840 - 1926)

Ted McCachren, Jr (1942) , Sadie Mildred Stafford (1916) , Zeb Mack Stafford (1873) , James Lafayette Stafford (1840) , Eli Stafford (1797)

Mary Hillukka (1965), Dwight Hall (1927), Mary Cornelia Sims (1903), Lila Matilda Stafford (1876), Samuel McKee Stafford (1832), Eli Stafford (1797)

Your great-grandfather, James Lafayette Stafford, married Cenie Elizabeth McKinley (1841). His brother, Samuel McKee Stafford, married Mary Cornelia McKinley (1835), and they are my great-great-grandparents. Cenie and Mary McKinley were sisters, so we are doubly related.
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