2012 Cabarrus County Beekeepers Field Day. 31MAR12 10-6P St. Martins Lutheran Church .
180-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Bryan Fisher provided this hive and several others to use for his demonstrations .
184-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Bees brought to the Field Day for sale .
190-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Bryan opening the first hive . To Bryans right is Mike Wallace and son and to there right is Dennis Leak in blue jeans who won the hive weight guessing contest . To Bryans left is Lane Hyde who helped with the hive openings .
192-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Removing the queen excluder .
195-375 31MAR12 Sat ..
197-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Picture shows open , uncapped , nectar .
234-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Mite counting - Had NONE .
281-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Wonderful meal .
283-375 31MAR12 Sat .. Giles Barrier's winning pitch to win the hive tool pitching contest with the prize being a complete super . Giles also won the ticket drawing for another complete super . I did not get pictures of the SMOKE contest and do not know who won. If someone will tell me I will update web page with the winners name .